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Kurt Lischka

Staff member
Oct 15, 2004
DeFuniak Springs, FL… Walton County would like to announce that a portion of CR 30A will be closed beginning on November 18th at 8:00am for construction to begin on planned improvements being made to the Oyster Lake Bridge and Outfall.

At this time, the road will remain closed until further notice as there is no firm completion date available.

In order to make the public aware of the closure, the Walton County Public Works Department will be placing information signs along the roadway by the end of the week ending November 8th, letting the public know that the road will be closed.

Once construction begins, detour signs will be placed rerouting traffic around Allen Loop.


Beach Comber
Oct 21, 2009
Have to wonder... Saturday morning, Thanksgiving weekend, no work taking place since at least Wednesday. All that is keeping the road closed is a flimsy orange plastic fence that has been torn down. Road does not appear to be unsafe in any way. Noticed the WCSO there trying to put the fence back up. Why, exactly, is the road closed? Once again it appears that someone in DeFuniak Springs decided that there is no one here. Yet they gladly accept all the Bed and Sales tax revenue that is being generated. Where do they think it is coming from? This is a very busy weekend for visitors, second home owners, and businesses trying to make it through the winter. Why this need to show a complete disregard for people who rely on 30A to get around. I realize that the detour on Allen Loop is not terribly inconvenient, but imagine that you lived on Allen Loop, and the 5 to 10 cars you see every hour at this time of year, is now hundreds, and it never stops. All so someone in county government can establish the fact that they are in charge and we will do as we are told. Is this antagonism towards the tax payers and generators of South Walton a recent phenomenon, or has it just be latent since the building boom of 2003-2007?


Beach Fanatic
Oct 1, 2006
Dune Allen
Anyone have any idea what "planned improvements" are being made? Are they going to remove the culvert that is keeping Oyster Lake from being a dune lake. It is my understanding that the existing culvert was put in as an emergency measure after Opal. I may me entirely misinformed, but I've spoken with several experts who informed me that the existing culvert is ABOVE sea level and does not allow the free exchange of salt and fresh water, thereby destroying the natural balance of Oyster Lake as a "dune lake."

Also, It appears that there is a new house being built right where the outflow is. There have been lawsuits going back and forth for years regarding the two properties to the east and west of the outflow. I can't imagine who would build, or how someone would be able to build, basically in an talks I guess...again, where is the county oversight?

I'm curious...anyone have any insight?


Beach Fanatic
Jul 8, 2009
Stone's throw from Inlet Bch
Per the bid:
"Project consists of constructing a new concrete single-span vehicular bridge on
County Road 30A, a new outfall channel that connects Oyster Lake and the Gulf of
Mexico, a vinyl sheet pile wall, and extensive grading and vegetative plantings
south of the Coastal Construction Control Line. The project also includes
demolition of the existing triple concrete box culvert on County Road 30-A, an
existing driveway culvert upstream from the existing box culvert, an existing
timber pedestrian bridge, an existing sand-bag retaining wall along with
additional debris within the site area."

Also, a few months ago, as part of a settlement to the Hemby lawsuit, the county agreed to allow construction of the home.
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