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Beach Fanatic
Jul 28, 2007
Just checking out the FHP site and it says 30A at 283 closed due to water.:blink:
How bad is it? (or is it just Pandoras parking lot spilling over?)
just checked back and they updated it to say..."ROAD CLOSED FROM CR-30A/CR-283 TO CR-30A/CR-83 DUE TO FLOODING FROM THE LAKES"
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Will B

Jan 5, 2006
Atlanta, GA


Beach Comber
Sep 25, 2007
It is closed at big redfish lake. They waited until it stopped raining to close it and I guess they wanted to go to bed so they have left it closed although there is very little water coving the road now. 10 pm

Kurt Lischka

Staff member
Oct 15, 2004
Winds are relatively calm, surf is high, flags are red.

I imagine a lot of these have cleared up since yesterday evening, we have had very little rain over the last 12 hours so that is the good news.

Road Conditions as of 5:00 PM Saturday, Aug 17, 2013

South Walton damaged roads, Deputy Confirmed.

1.) Chat Holly – under large amount of water.
2.) Scenic Gulf DR at Poinciana is underwater.
3.) South Geronimo has water all the way across the road, but it is passable. Public Works has put a sign up.
4.) Open Gulf St is flooded, passable only to large trucks and SUVS, not small sedans. Public Works notified.
5.) County Highway 395 has standing water in several places
6.) County Highway 30A has standing water just east of Somerset ST
7.) Chat Holly and JD Miller Flooded
8.) 30A West By Topsl State Park – water across the entire roadway. Public Works will put up signs.
9.) Lakewood and Co Highway 30A – water across the road, still passable but getting deeper. Public Works will put up signs.
10.) County Highway 395 North at East PT Washington RD has about 6 inches of water over the road, but is still passable. Signs posted.
11.) Montigo Avenue is under two feet of water
12.) Water running across Coochie RD before it opens up to the rock pit, but road is passible.
13.) Eve Circle at Eden Drive – entire road is under water.
14.) Co Highway 395 South at Water Color Crossing –Northbound lane of 395 is underwater. Water extends just north of the intersection past the Fire Department enterance.
15.) South Holiday RD and 98 – Standing water near CVS Pharmacy
16.) Lakeview Beach DR and Beach Drive are under approx. 18 inches of water.
17.) 200 Block of Turtle Creek Dr. yard of the resident is under water.
18.) 300 Block of Lakeview Beach Dr. yard of the resident is under water and water is going into his house when traffic drives by. Road department is on the way to check in to this matter.
19.) 183 Gulfview Heights St (Draper Lake) water is flowing over the road way.
20.) Big Redfish Lake is flooded – Signs posted
21.) Don Bishop RD and Hackberry Way – water flowing over the street, but still passable.
22.) County Highway 30A from Highway 83 East Bound to 283 Grayton Corners – Shut down due to flooding from Draper Lake. Road department in the area working. Hyper-Reach message sent.

North Walton damaged roads, Deputy confirmed.

1.) Bruce Creek Bridge is underwater. Signs are posted.
2.) Crooked Creek RD – water on the road, still passable.
3.) East Indian Creek Ranch RD – water on road, water is over the bridge.
4.) CO Highway 183 at Crooked Creek RD – water on the road, but still passable. Signs are up.
5.) River Road Boat Ramp is submerged.
6.) Nancy Darby Road is beginning to wash out, but is still passable.
7.) County Highway 181-C – Water on the road, but still passable.
8.) County Highway 280 and Jim Lindsey - road is washed out, signs are posted.
9.) Fluffy Landing – water on the road
10.) McKinnon Bridge RD and Red Hill RD closed
11.) McKinnon Bridge RD and Sherwood DR closed

Freeport damaged roads, Deputy confirmed.

1.) Don Graff Road has water across it in three places due to the ditches over flowing, but still passable.
2.) Woodlawn Road just west of McCloud Road – water is all the way across Woodlawn RD, still passable
3.) The 70, the 600, and the 700 blocks of Mallet Bayou Road have water across the road due to over flowing ditch. Mallet Bayou Road is still passable.
4.) County Road 3280 at Fluffy Landing RD – Westbound Lane on 3280 covered with water.
5.) County Highway 3280 at Smokehouse Lake RD under about 3 inches of water, but still passable. Signs posted.
6.) County Highway 3280 at Faulkner DR under about 3 inches of water, still passable. Signs posted.
7.) 14000 Block of State Highway 81 is flooded but passable. DOT notified, signs posted.
8.) Seven Runs Recreation Area on State Highway 81 – parking lot is under water.
9.) Dead River RD – underwater.
10.) Jolly Bay Rd – water on the road


Beach Comber
Sep 25, 2007
Bridge over big redfish is still closed. The upper lake is not draining into the lower lake. Perhaps the invasive grass that has been growing all across the lake on south side of the bridge has stopped it up.
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