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Discussion in 'Rentals - Vacation' started by sleepingbooty, Jul 10, 2005.

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    Jul 10, 2005
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    I'm looking for something very specific and having trouble finding just what I want. We are coming down 9/27-10/1 for our 3rd visit to the area. We'd like to stay in the Seacrest Beach Development (with the 12,000sqft pool) this time. We need 3 or 4 bedrooms, close to the pool, gulf view from balconies. Here's where it gets tricky: I need the kids bedroom to be on the same level as one of the adult bedrooms and I don't want bunkbeds - my one year old will just get hurt playing on them. Everything I'm finding either has bunkbeds or the kids bedroom is on the first or third floor by itself. I'm hoping one of you out there knows of a specific house (not condo) or a rental website I haven't tried yet - I've looked at, Garrett Realty,, vrbo, probably a couple others too. Help!! :idontno:
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    I do have bunk beds but they are built into the wall and are not as dangerous as some. You can always block them off. Our home is in Seagrove and is about 10 steps from 2 community pools and has views on almost every level of our home. Most of my guests with small children use my air mattress's that I provide and put them in their bedrooms. You can view our home on www.emeraldcoasttours/ or you can view it at # 15573. You can also email me at
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    sleepingbooty, how about the Flip Flop In in the Seacrest Beach development? It's not mine but I know it. It has 4 bedrooms, great gulf views and is about a 2-minute walk to the pool. The kids' room is on the second floor with two other bedrooms. It has bunk beds but from the pics it looks like you can remove the ladders. That might work?

    Website: Amy, the contact/owner, is very nice and helpful.

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