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Beach Crab
Jul 16, 2013
Hi There! This is my first time posting on this forum, so I apologize if this post is not in the correct spot!

Anyway, looking for any tips/advice for 4 adults and 5 kids ages 15, 8, 6, and 1 traveling to Seacrest Beach? We'll be staying on the east side, closer to Rosemary Beach.

I am a little nervous about the distance to the beach and articles that I have read about needing to use a specific beach access, as we are not at all familiar with the area. Likewise, we really need to bring our stroller to the beach for the baby and I have read that strollers are not allowed?

Any input, in terms of what to expect (traffic, etc), suggestions, advice regarding things we should do, or things we shouldn't miss would be great! Also, any donut shops walkable?

Thank you!!


Beach Fanatic
Jan 14, 2008
Amavida coffee shop in RB has biscuits, muffins, quiche and other breakfast type things. If it is truly donuts you want, then there is Charlies Donut Truck in Alys Beach, a short walk to the west of Seacrest Beach. get there early though as it gets very busy.


Beach Fanatic
Jul 12, 2005
Atlanta, GA
Are you staying in the seacrest beach neighborhood? If so, you will have access to the beach via sunset beach. You can take the stroller to the top of the steps and then will have to fold it and take it onto the beach wit you. A better idea is to take the beach tram to the beach and skip the stroller. Another option is to drive yourself to the orange st. Beach access in inlet beach.

Have fun!!


Beach Lover
Apr 17, 2009
You will be fine. I am here now at Seacrest and you access the beach directly across 30a at Sunset Beach. There is a tram available as well, but we just walk. 30a is a teeny tiny road, smaller than the cul-de-sac I live on, and super easy to cross (unlike the 6 lane highway I Frogger at South Padre!) Many people rent bikes here and that is also an option and a lot of fun with miles of sidewalk on 30a.

As stated earlier, there is a great Donut truck at the neighboring development of Alys Beach. You can walk, or better yet, ride your bike there.

We've been coming here for years and you will love it.


Beach Lover
Jan 22, 2009
With seacrest beach I've seen lots of people with strollers and we go a lot. Donut truck, Fonville press both at Alys, amavida at rosemary great for coffee
Seacrest sundries for burgers great fries convenience stuff ( beer and frozen margarita type drinks)

I hate stairs and sometimes bike or even drive to inlet (google for best way to get to main inlet beach area with bathroom, no stair ( ramp) and outdoor shower and lifeguards
Have a 30A good time


Beach Crab
Jul 16, 2013
Thanks all! Yes, we have a house rented. We are quite excited! I do not mind walking to the beach, but it does look like its quite a hike from the house, which is off of Flip Flop Ln. I'll have to check into where this Orange St. is. How far away is Baytowne Warf in Destin? Are there any amusement parks that arent too far?

ATL SoWal Lover

Beach Comber
Mar 3, 2013
We frequently visit from Atlanta, but don't have children, so I'm not sure what advice to give you in that area.

From Flip Flop Lane, it shouldn't be a long hike to the beach, but with a baby it could be worse than I'm aware of.

Others have suggested Amavida and Fonville Press. Charlies Donut Truck is close by. There are a lot of great dining options close to where you're staying, depending on your budget. If you want some amazing donuts and great food, and you're on your way to the Destin area you have to try The Donut Hole.

Baytowne Wharf is about half an hour west. There are some beautiful state parks such as Eden Gardens that are worth a visit. As far as amusement parks go, there is Miracle Strip Amusement Park, and Shipwreck Island Water Park, in Panama City Beach. We've never visited them though, so I'm not sure how good they are.

There's so much to enjoy about 30A though!
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