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Beach Comber
Jan 25, 2021
If anyone has a pocket listing or know someone who is considering selling, my husband and I are searching for a home or townhome near the beach. Current criteria:

* Anywhere between Destin & Rosemary (prefer 30a, but open to Destin)
* $700k or less
* Deeded beach access
* Not a condo. House (preferred) or townhome.

We've already missed out on one we liked and I'm not seeing much that fits, so I'm hoping someone here can help! Thank you for reading!! :)
Hi! If you are still in the market, our company owner, Audrey Price is a Real Estate agent and would LOVE to help you :) Just shoot us an email at and I will have her contact you. She just sold a really great townhome in Miramar Beach and knows of other properties you'll certainly love!


Beach Crab
Jul 21, 2020
Santa Rosa Beach
Good afternoon! If you are still in search for your dream location where you can grow and build a life full of memories and happiness, I know I can find the perfect place for you. My name is Bradley Robinson and I am a Real Estate agent partnered with Anchor Realty located in Blue Mountain Beach, there are multiple beautiful properties on the market right now that may fit your wants and needs perfectly. Please feel free to reach out to my personal email at or my personal mobile number listed below at
(850)585-0018 and we will work towards finding your forever home or even your stepping stone home thank you and have a great day!

Olivia Prewitt

Beach Crab
Jul 11, 2020
Hi Jennifer! I know of something that's coming soon and seems to fit what you're looking for. Give me a call if you're interested, 8595162368
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