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Feb 9, 2008
Historic Old Point Washington
This morning about 1AM my son was on the back porch and heard someone cry out for help, it sounded like it came from Bay Elem.School. My son went out to take a look and found a bicycle tangled up in the woods with the flashing lights still on. No one in sight though. The bike landed almost in the swamp next to Bay Elem. School on 395N. I passed a bicycler on 395N on my way home tonight about 8:30 and I recognized the bike. The cyclist had a back pack. We acalled 911, WCSO responded, did a search and found nothing, although that does not mean that someone is not out there in the woods injured or worse. It is dark and swampy and difficult to search when there is no idea if someone is even out there or injured. Does anyone have an idea who this person is? If you see someone wondering around out here, please call WCSO or contact me. It's hard to sleep not knowing is someone is in serious need of help.
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