Seaside Seeing Red Wine Festival

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    Mornin' everyone. I know this may be a longshot. But, I am looking for 6 tickets to Seaside's Seeing Red Wine Festival on Saturday November 5th ( my wife's birthday). We have obtained tickets in the past directly from the Seaside Merchants, however, there appears to be a Corporate factor in the mix these days that left us out. We usually go down and stay at our place in Seagrove. Unfortunately or fortunately, this year we had talked the weekend up and invited a few close friends for there first SoWal experience. Of course, I've guaranteed a good time for all regardless. Between the sunshine and surf, the first time Red Bar experience, and a good meal served by my good friend Michael Dragon at Borago, I still expect there to be nothing but smiles.......Anyway, any info on the 6 tix or any tix would be greatly appreciated.

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