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Beach Crab
Mar 29, 2017
Looking for a few different places - all help appreciated..and apologies for the long post!
  • Carriage home to rent in Seaside or Watercolor
  • Carriage home or efficiency under a house in Grayton Beach to rent.
  • Gulf Front home to be the caretaker for. This is a long shot for sure..and I'm sure there are a lot of people who would love this.. But there has to be a home owner looking for a caretaker who owns a true second home with a carriage house I can live in. So in essence if there isn’t a caretaker from a rental company going through the home each week I’m offering to run water through the pipes, flush toilets, check lights, change ac filters, cycle washer and dryers - anything related to maintaining the home more or less. Any gulf front homeowner knows that not using a home is harder on the home than actually using it because of the salty atmosphere.
  • Another long shot - I am also seeking a gulf front homeowner who would entertain the idea of putting a catamaran daysailer on the beach in front of their home. I have my eyes on one located in Destin and will hopefully make the decision to purchase it in the future. Right now, I would keep it docked in Destin until I am able to find someone who would allow me to put the boat on the beach in front of their home. I would grant full rights to use the boat of course. In the event of bad weather, I am happy to relocate it to the hard. (I have a place in Destin I can keep it)
  • Also, would entertain renting a carriage home on the bay if there was a dock space I could keep the boat.

I have virtually no baggage.. I work full time as a Realtor with Premier in Watercolor. I have plenty of references who can attest to my ability to be on time, do what I say, have good intent, and be transparent. My current landlord is aware I am looking, and will also be a great reference. With a construction background, I am a great handy man so when something breaks I can easily fix the problem or hire the right person to fix the problem and being a realtor I have an extensive list of reputable licensed contractors. Of course if it’s minor, like a running toilet, squeaky door, light switch not working etc...I’m pretty good with those things as well. I would only subcontract out if it’s labor intensive because real estate consumes the majority of my time. Important things to note, I made a personal choice when I was younger to never drink and to this day I have never drank nor have I ever participated in drugs. I get asked why all the time..again personal choice. (Heck of a lot cheaper too) I drive an old jeep because it is cheap to fix and great for the beach so having a garage or carport is ideal. Thanks in advance. Oh, and I am willing to pay a $300 dollar referral fee to anyone who connects me to a homeowner seeking a caretaker I reach an agreement with.

Feel free to email or text me if you are interested, or if you know someone who may have what I am looking for. God bless!

New posts

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