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Discussion in 'Dining and Food' started by Camp Creek Kid, Jun 30, 2005.

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    We went to the new Shades for lunch today. They're calling it "Shades at the Loop" because it is literally at the loop at the easterm intersection of 30A and 98. The menu was a little different than the Seaside Shades and the food was fine, but not awesome. The atmosphere is totally different though--very metropolitan with modern furniture, dark colors, and a very streamlined style. No Gaffrey paintings either. You could say it is the opposite atmosphere of the Cottagey Seadside Shades.

    Anyway, for those interested, a great deal of the restaurant square footage has been devoted to the bar/lounge and the restaurant has free wireless internet. There were a few people using it. There are a bunch of couches and easy chairs. There is quite a bit of outdoor seating on patios with misting fans. Someone needs to tell shades that misting fans and laptops don't mix. :bang:

    I'd go there again, and from the crowds at dinner, I'd say they've got a good thing going. They've probably had more customers in a week than Tuscany Grill had in a month!

    Take care
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    That's exactly how one of the owners described it to us - more upscale than the Seaside Shades. We'll have to try it, but we're pretty partial to the funky atmosphere at the bar at the original Shades - love to eat at the bar and watch sports there.

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