Shout out to John-John Automotive and SR Pharmacy

Discussion in 'Business, Goods and Services' started by Duchess, Oct 1, 2009.

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    Blue Mountain Beach/Reynoldstown

    I was down at our place in Blue Mountain last Wednesday
    when my VW started to overheat on Hwy 98 West. I was
    able to pull into John-John's Automotive in Santa Rosa
    Beach and I wanted to post this as a big thank you to Doug
    and all the great techs there. Turns out I needed a new
    water pump and was stranded a couple of days longer than
    I had expected. Not too bad, considering the awesome
    weather last weekend, but it was certainly an expense
    that I hadn't counted on.

    Seriously, Doug et al were super helpful and he even
    explained the problems on the phone to my hubby in
    ATL. Many, many thanks to all there.

    Also, a big hug to Tom and Tami Flowers at Santa
    Rosa Pharmacy at Gulf Place and Palace (sp?), the
    pharmacy tech there. One of my friends was able
    to fill a scrip for thyroid meds there that is evidently
    scarcer than hen's teeth in Atlanta. An unexpected,
    *pleasant* surprise.

    Our best meals were at JC's Off the Hook (all you
    can eat crab legs on Monday), Gravel Road, Bayou
    Bill's, and Smiling FIsh. Goatfeathers kept us full
    of yummy local seafood when we ate in. Seriously,
    stop by JC's and say hi to Rusty, order a Drunken
    Palmer, and ask to see Gid's driver's license!

    Thanks to all for a great week, and be nice to my
    hubby as he's down there now....
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    I'm sure John John does great work and I'm glad you were pleased with the results. Great location there along 98. Personally, I recommend Scotty's for any automotive work. I stopped in John John's once and was told it would cost, I don't remember the exact figure, but it was about $140 to change my battery. I was shocked and asked if a new government program was enacted regarding batteries. I ended up driving to Wal-Mart and getting one for around $40.

    I'm sure John John's does good work, though. They were nice when I stopped in and did not charge me to check my battery.

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