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SoWal Expert
Feb 15, 2005
FYI parents of elementary school kids- meeting with Superintendent Anderson regarding this proposal Thursday, Mar. 24th, 6 pm at Suth Walton High School.

Some Walton County fifth-graders might move to middle schools | schools, county, fifth - Northwest Florida Daily News

The plan calls for fifth-graders from Bay and Butler elementary schools to move into some unused classrooms at Emerald Coast Middle School, which will open in August. Freeport Elementary fifth-graders would be moved to an empty building on Freeport Middle School campus.
Under the class size reduction amendment approved by voters in 2002, no more than 18 students are allowed in classrooms from kindergarten through third grade. Fourth- through eighth-grade classes must have no more than 22 students.
Walton County schools have been growing for the last decade. On average, about 100 new students enroll each year in all schools. That number spiked to more than 300 students last October.


Beach Fanatic
Sep 8, 2007
Is this proposal just physically moving 5th grade students to the middle school building, or is it actually making 5th grade part of middle school?


SoWal Expert
Feb 15, 2005
Is this for real, or a way of focusing light on class size / budget issues?

Guess parents will find out about it at the meetings.

I guess my question is this-- if the schools in the south part of the county have had steady and consistent growth for 10 straight years, where was the planning?

Walton County schools have been growing for the last decade. On average, about 100 new students enroll each year in all schools. That number spiked to more than 300 students last October.
To deal with the growth, the district has built new schools and enlarged others.
?We?re reacting to a situation we have now and also being proactive to the growth pattern we?ve seen,? Anderson said.


Beach Fanatic
Jul 31, 2006
back in SRB
Please don't get me started on this. With my oldest being 9 and starting 5th grade before turning 10, I am beyond peeved. There is enough social pressure on these kids without putting them in with kids so much older.

A long-time resident was telling me at the farmer's market this morning that the lack of planning for schools goes back for decades & that essentially nothing has changed from when their family had kids in the schools.


Beach Lover
May 20, 2008
Why should our children pay the price for poor planning? I think that our fifth graders deserve the right to be fifth graders. I would say this is a way to blame the class size ammendment, but in reality they obviously built a huge middle school that has plenty of room for more children. When do these people learn that we don't care how the building looks - we care about what is in the building - the teachers, the curriculum, the support, the parents and the passion for teaching. I hope that our parents come in large numbers to show our concern and disapproval of this proposition. We have to be the voice of our children.


Beach Comber
Jan 1, 2011
Dumb move....

This is about as good as the woman who says radiation won't hurt you.
Carlene Anderson is just that ignorant. It is hard enough for children who are in 6th grade over at the middle school. The last thing we need is to make these elementary kids grow up any faster. There are better options....there have to be! It will be a good day when this woman leaves the office of education and goes on about her business. Parents please stand up for your rights....your children deserve better.


SoWal Expert
May 8, 2007
My 5th grade class was part of the middle school. K-3 at one school, 3-8 at another, 9-12 at the high school.

We didn't have any problems. :dunno:
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