South Walton Turtle Watch: how to become a team member

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    Local friends, here is how you become a member of South Walton Turtle Watch.

    South Walton Turtle Watch:

    Every year, we are asked this: How can I join your fun loving, early morning, beach walking team? There are several steps and since we're at the end of our season, you have time to plan.

    1. Go to our webpage and look under 'volunteer requirements'.

    South Walton Turtle Watch – Please Save Sea Turtles

    If you are a good fit for our requirements...

    2. Check our page around January when we put a call for volunteers out. You'll need to fill out an application, which we will direct you to, and a place where you will need to send it. Then we will set up an interview with the coordinator for the team you would be joining.

    3. After being accepted, you'll be required to attend a mandatory meeting put on by FWC in March/April.

    If you aren't an early morning fan, please contact Friends of South Walton Sea Turtles and jump in to help with fund raising, education, and other outreach programs!


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