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Beach Fanatic
Jan 25, 2005
Michigan but someday in SoWal as well
How about "top 10" lists. For example, top 10 dishes from local restaurants (we had a great meal at George's - top of my list - this past weekend - my non-SoWal friends were very impressed) and a not-so-good-at-all dinner at a well-known local restaurant.

Other top 10 lists could be top 10 free things to do in SoWal, top 10 things to do with families, top 10 romantic restaurants/meals/places.

Another good thing to have information on in the newsletter would be handicap- accessbile beach accesses, activities, restaurants, shops, etc.

Stories about the local music, musicians.

Short stories about SoWal History - is it true people used to sell the SoWal sand to non-locals as sugar? (how about top 10 myths).


SoWal Expert
Aug 29, 2005
grapevine, tx. /On the road to SoWal
Tips involving some of the local, off the beaten path wonders that one normally has to live here for years to discover.....and scantily clad models would be great too! :)

I like this.

I forgot I already signed up.:doh:
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