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Job Wanted SRB Artist & Cartoonist Mark Douglass Seeking Prime Location(s) To Draw Caricatures

Discussion in 'Employment' started by CartoonMark, May 12, 2015.


Should Dread Clampett add a bagpipe player to their line-up?

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  1. CartoonMark

    CartoonMark Beach Lover

    Apr 11, 2012
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    Jenn and Kurt 001.jpg Caricature ad.jpg
    Resident Santa Rosa Beach Artist and Cartoonist, Mark Douglass, is seeking a high traffic seasonal location to draw caricatures. A published cartoonist for over 38 years, Mark's whimsical caricatures are always a hit at parties, gatherings, and events.
    Mark will also consider drawing caricatures at local restaurants during long wait times and at theme parks during peak hours. Flat rates fees available. Contact Mark at (850)349-6914 or email marksfunkyart@yahoo.com or see more at https://www.facebook.com/marksfunkyart

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