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SoWal Insider
Apr 30, 2008
Right here!
The bumb from spring selling season keeping everyone busy, albiet not as busy as you all were in 2005. ;-)


Beach Fanatic
Jan 19, 2009
Buyers might be happy but sellers sure aren't. i still see 20-30% down in prices in places like watercolor.we're having a Bear mkt rally on wallstreet and the powers are tyring to convince people things will be better. all this coincides with the spring selling season which has increased real estate sales


SoWal Insider
Not much more to say. I surely do not want to over analyze it with my infinite wisdom (that is a joke)! Just lots of buyers.

I just noticed no action in this normally busy section and was wondering what up.

Maybe a bunch of people have realized that those who decided not to buy in SoWal in the past few years still lost half their money, and that losing money at the beach is more fun. Err, funn. :lol:
New posts

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