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Job Available Stock Room / Warehouse Associate Full Time and Part Time Positions!

Discussion in 'Employment' started by Beau Home Interiors, May 17, 2018.

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    This is a critical front-line position tasked with ensuring that a fast-paced paced retail store is able to keep up with demand!

    This position reports directly to the Warehouse Operations & Logistics Manager and assists in overseeing merchandise and critical supply inventories. This includes maintenance and cleaning of inventory area, inventory organization and racking, inventory cycle counting and reporting. Actual physical counts of products and tag controls are required.

    Under management direction, this position’s primary responsibilities include:
    • Receiving and verifying shipments from carriers (i.e. FedEx, UPS) and distributing all paperwork to immediate supervisor.
    • Physically accounting for all inbound shipments and tagging merchandise as established by management.
    • Identifying claims and/or damages and alerting receiving, purchasing and accounting departments to promptly resolve claims/damages with vendors.
    • Performing general housekeeping, maintenance and organization of the stock room and storage areas; this includes hands-on cleaning and maintenance along with organization and interpersonal skills to coordinate with other departments.
    • Packing product to be shipped and carefully packing or wrapping customer items for safe transit as needed.
    • Assists manager in general maintenance of property.
    • Assists sales team with loading and unloading customer products including small furniture and rearranging floor inventory as directed. This includes hanging art within the store.
    • Easily understands and carries out tasks as directed and once trained, possesses great follow-through in completing tasks
    • Schedule flexibility and ability to work some holidays and weekends is a must.
    • Must be able to safely lift heavy objects such as boxes, ladders and some furniture pieces of 50 lbs or more.
    • Must be able to stand, lift, and bend frequently throughout shift. Ability to safely and comfortably navigate stairs and ladders is necessary.
    • Must possess a keen eye for detail in assessing product quality and accuracy to identify claims and damages.
    • Excellent Organizational Skills in assessing space for storing items
    • Mindfulness and ability to move product without damaging it.
    • Ability to move between a fast-paced retail setting to working as a team to reassess storage and management of inventory.
    • Experience in a retail environment preferred.
    • Oral and Written Communication Proficiency and Telephone etiquette
    • Time Management.
    • Basic Computer Skills including: Ability to send and receive emails, attach documents to an email and open documents when attached.
    *Pay is based on experience

    Please EMAIL: Ethan at warehouse@beauhomeinteriors.com to apply

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