Summer 2014 Tourism Breaks Records

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    Press Release from Walton TDC

    There is no doubt that tourism is the number one industry in Walton County with over $91,000,000 being spent by visitors on South Walton accommodations in July 2014— this is a 15.55% increase over July 2013’s spending on South Walton accommodations and the highest ever recorded.

    Also in 2014 the best ever June was experienced with over $92,000,000 spent on accommodations in South Walton which was a 5.18% over June 2013’s spending on accommodations, which ranked Walton County as the second highest total in all of Florida behind only Orange County. In the state of Florida for every 85 visitors it creates 1 job which directly effects our local workforce and one of the reasons why Walton County has a low unemployment rate.

    “Tourism impacts every facet of our local economy from grocery stores, restaurants, galleries, and more, so it is not just the local bed tax collectors that are establishing new business successes,” says Jon Ervin, Walton County TDC’s director of marketing and communications.

    With very limited new accommodations being added to South Walton’s taxing district in 2014, the increase in local accommodation revenues is primarily based on charging a premium rate to visitors.
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    I'd love to see how these numbers jive with other local expenses...

    Law enforcement (tourist exempt), fire / rescue, pool closures, repairs to rental units, costs to condo & HOA's, insurance claims...

    Bet all is just peachy and no additional expenses. Its been such a wonderful group of tourists this year. I think many have mistaken 30a for Front Beach Road quite frankly...

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