Sweet Mikie Needs a Forever Home

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    Hello Everyone:

    We are trying to find our sweet shelter dog a new forever home. He is currently with our local vet. At the start of the new year, after many months of pondering, our family adopted a dog from a local animal shelter, where he had been for five months. We thought Mikie would be a great dog for our family. A mixed breed dog estimated to be about 3 years old, we took our 65-pound male dog home. We accepted him with open arms and all of our love.

    Two days later, I let him out in our fenced-in back yard before bed to go to the bathroom. He found a small gap under our gate and escaped. I called the Sheriff's Department and enlisted a couple of friends to help find him. A few minutes after I called the Sheriff's Office, they received a call that a dog in the area had been hit. I went to pick him up and took him to the ER Vet. His femur bone had been dislocated and he had a wound on his head.

    He ended up needing surgery and some rehab therapy for his leg. Love and the proper medical care has Mikie almost back to normal. He bonded with us well. Most of the time, he is chill and sleeps. He is super sweet. Although the shelter told us he would be good in a one dog family, I have noticed he is not aggressive toward other dogs. When I took him to the vet and walked him, he seemed fine with other dogs. He just wants to play.

    Over time, we noticed he is toy aggressive and is possessive about things he thinks are his. He has nipped a few times, never breaking skin. We decided to take toys away until he had some training. He has only barked when the doorbell rang or he heard a car horn. He loved to lick and give and receive love and affection. He sleeps a lot and loved to go with our kids to drop them off at school.

    Finally able to address his nipping and possessiveness after recovering from his injuries, we had our first session with the dog trainer. He nipped the trainer during play. After the session, the trainer's professional opinion, which we agree with, is that our sweet Mikie needs to be in a home without small children, were his nipping can be immediately corrected. If not, it will lead to biting.

    Our fabulous local vet agreed to take Mikie and find him a home. He has been there for a few days. If you are interested in adopting Mikie, you can contact me directly and I can give you more information. We sent Mikie's DNA off for analysis when we first adopted him, and received the results after he was with the vet. He is 83% American Pit Bull Terrier and 17% German Shepherd.

    We need to find him a good home.. Someone who will love him like we do, who is able to give him the proper correction and guidance when his possessive issues surface.

    We want to find him a good home and we know that home is out there. Please text me at 502-541-9623 for more information if you are interested. We want the best for Mikie and want to make his re-homing experience as smooth as possible. See his picture below.


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    Oh I hope he finds the right home soon!

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