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Lisa C

SoWal Guide
Staff member
Apr 16, 2011
Santa Rosa Beach
My neighbor is keeping this sweet girl at her home but is not able to keep her. Please read her story to see if you can help, she is located off Bay Drive in Santa Rosa Beach.

This is Sweetie. She was found wandering in our neighborhood and we took her in, since we had a fenced in yard. Our hope was that we could find her owner and get her returned. She certainly seemed to be someone’s dog, having a collar but no tags. After two days of keeping her in our yard, she dug under the fence and disappeared. After three days on the lam, she returned by digging back into our yard. We have now taken her to a vet where she has received a rabies vaccination and the first round of her other immunizations. She has also been started on Heartworm preventative. The only bad finding at the vet was that she was positive for hookworms. She has received her first treatment for those.

The Vet said she appeared to be just shy of two years old and has apparently had at least one litter of puppies. She is a very docile and friendly dog. She has already shown signs of being protective toward us when a stranger approaches but has not shown any overtly aggressive behavior. She wants to sit quietly and be petted, or sleep next to one of us on the couch. Her name ’Sweetie’ is well earned.

Unfortunately, our current personal situation will prevent us from keeping her. Our 15 year old, blind and diabetic other dog is not tolerating having Sweetie around. We also have a cat that Sweetie seems to tolerate well. If our old dog gets the hookworm infection from Sweetie, the treatment could be difficult for an old diabetic dog. Hence, we would like to get Sweetie to someone ASAP. We would be willing to pay for finishing her vaccination series and even having her spayed for a new owner. Hopefully, we can rehome Sweetie to someone that can give her the life she deserves and needs. Any help will be appreciated.

If you can help please call (601) 479-5357

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