Text to 911 Now Avalable in Walton County

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    Walton County Sheriff Michael A. Adknison, Jr. continues to bring new and innovative approaches to public safety.

    On Jun 15th of this year, Walton County became the first in the Florida Panhandle to enable people in need to send a text message to 911 and be answered by a trained 911 operator. There are only six counties in the entire state that have provided this emergency service so far.

    As personal technology has become an important part of many of our daily lives the ability to call for help when needed is taken for granted, but what about those situations where a voice call is impractical? At a concert or some other event where the noise is too loud to be heard? Or, you are not able to speak or be heard?

    In Walton County the Sheriff’s office has provided citizens with another means commonly available to most people these days, your cellphone. If you are in Walton County you can simply send a text message to the phone number 911 and it will be answered to get you the help you need.

    The Sheriff invites the public to come celebrate this event and see how it works on Friday, October 9th from 11 AM till 1 PM at the Sheriff’s office on Triple G Road in Defuniak Springs.
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    How about nonemergency situations? I'd love to just text "idiot with glass bottle and dog on beach".

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