The beauty of Seagrove featured in Coastal Living Magazine

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    The Coastal Living House in Seagrove is featured in the December/January issue of Coastal Living magazine. As builder Peter Horn of Artisan, Inc., says of Seagrove, "Locals have strived to maintain that historic character. We like the sandy, unpaved roads and the old oak trees that create a canopy over the homes."

    That's what we loved about Seagrove when we bought property there in 2000. We told the contractor not to cut down any of the oaks unless absolutely necessary. We followed the advice of Randy at The Gourd Garden (now Clay) and kept the preexisting native shrubbery.

    It makes me sad to see "the groves" in Seagrove being bulldozed to maximize building area. Thanks, Peter, for reminding us how gorgeous the old oak trees and sandy roads are. The old Seagrove is a gem that needs to be valued, protected, and preserved.

    Thanks also to the Schnells and Tracery for their part in showcasing the natural beauty of Seagrove.
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    It's pretty fun to see the Scnhell's Seagrove Beach Cottage featured in the Coastal Living Magazine's current issue, now out...

    The renovated beach cottage is now decorated for Christmas and still available for tours through Thanksgiving weekend with proceeds benefiting local groups: Alaqua Animal Refuge, Seaside Repertory Theatre and Food for Thought.

    Read about the cottage renovation project and see photos in a SoWal feature story:
    2015 Coastal Living Beach Cottage is Vintage Seagrove | - Insider's Guide for South Walton Beaches & Scenic 30A

    Such a great beach cottage. Thankful that this cottage was preserved/renovated instead of replaced with a massive structure which is becoming the norm...

    Love the Wine Garden!


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