The REP's Elves or Elvis Holiday Party!

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    REP_Elves-or-Elvis-disco-644x1024.jpg View attachment Elves or Elvis Holiday Party Donations.pdf
    This year The REP is hosting an Elves or Elvis Holiday party at the Rosemary Beach Town Hall on December 5th. As a fundraiser for our theatre, we will be auctioning off Christmas trees filled with presents! We will be adorning Christmas Trees for Ladies, for Men, for Kids, for Pets, for Foodies, and for Spirits (libations).

    We are asking if you would be able to contribute a gift certificate, merchandise or service to these trees or our raffle?
    Click here for our donation request form. We will be displaying all of the trees with the gifts on them at the Rosemary Beach Realty office in North Barrett Square beginning on Friday, November 28th for one week up to the party on Friday, December 5th.

    Not only will your business receive a tax deduction for your donation but you'll also receive recognition on our website at, and on our Facebook page.

    Thank you for your consideration!

    Rebecca Huber
    Marketing & Sponsorship Director
    The REP - Seaside, FL

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    This is the greatest kickoff party for the holidays and an important fundraiser for The Rep! We have changed the trees up a bit this year and they will be decorated with gifts and gift certificates- buy a tree and you have a bunch of gifts for your list, or yourself!
    Of course there will be some dancing. And food. And a little Christmas "cheer":drink2:!

    So get those sitters lined up and let's have a big ol' time at the biggest fundraiser of the year for The Rep!

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