The Thirsty-a Local's Club Has Launched In South Walton!

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Do you value our local service industry?

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    The Thirsty-A Local's Club is a benefit program that exists to drive local, loyal residents of the area into our neighborhood restaurants, cafes, bistros, bars, dives and haunts. It's built to support the local service industry by doing the best thing for that: driving more local folks of all shapes and sizes into the establishments that serve them all year long, and encouraging the same people to check out something new.

    See The Website

    Thirsty-A Locals have an insatiable desire to support their local service industry.

    The Thirsty-A Local Club allows members to receive benefits for supporting their favorite watering holes.

    Join us at AJ's Grayton Beach for Thirsty-A Thursday each Thursday in April. Thirsty-A Locals receive:
    2-4-1 Drafts | Cocktails | Double Talls
    1/2 Price Wine
    1/2 Price Sushi Menu

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