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Jun 13, 2005
....or they could be "Foreclosure Fidos."

Foreclosure "Fidos" Have To Fend For Themselves
Shelters Flooded With Pets Abandoned After Foreclosures
MIAMI (CBS4) ― They say that dogs are man's best friend, but in the wake of the foreclosure crisis plaguing South Florida, more and more 'best friends' are having to fend for themselves.

Pets, dozens if not hundreds, are being left behind every week. In fact, CBS4's David Sutta has learned the situation has become quite desperate.

Recently, he spent some time with Robbie Coy who has made it his mission to rescue dogs left behind when their owners move away. The discarded pets wind up at Coy's animal shelter in south Miami Dade................

The video on this site will break your heart--yet more innocent 'victims' of speculation and greed.

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Mar 26, 2008
Santa Rosa Beach
Well, we were talking about what are our options are. Obviously, we cannot keep them. Does anyone know of a facility that helps these dogs find homes?
We are going to try and foster them for a few days but, we worry about our doggy door and not wanting to allow them in. The cats and the dogs use the doggy door, so to close it up would cause issues.

Please print and post ths flyer if you can. Also, I will send something to The Sun. Any other suggestions, let us know.
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