Found URGENT! small, senior brown and white fluffy dog found on west 98 at animal shelter

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    I'm having trouble posting a photo for some reason, but there is a small, fluffy, brown and white senior dog at Walton County Animal Shelter who was found at the west end of Hwy 98 that seems to be well cared for, clean and loved. If you know someone looking for him, it's urgent that they contact the shelter as the shelter is full and difficult decisions will have to be made about making space there.

    I've posted the address for the facebook page he's listed on or go check out the Helping the Animals of Walton County, FL Animal Shelter facebook page.

    Also, if it's in your heart to help in some way, the shelter could use some foster homes. Every time a dog is pulled from there you save two lives, the one you pull and the one who has room for a little while longer. You can get more info on the same facebook Helping page about how fostering works. Or contact me and I'll connect you with the right person. They have lots of dogs who have been temp-tested with other dogs and are rock stars who are ready to go to a foster home. The volunteers have events every weekend to promote the foster dogs and find them homes.

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    Just filled out my app at Lauras Pet Supply Niceville

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