Vacation Rental Ban Challenged

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    Gov. DeSantis’ vacation-rental ban challenged

    Property owners and a vacation-rental management company have filed a federal lawsuit against Gov. Ron DeSantis, accusing him of violating their constitutional rights by shutting down vacation rentals during the public health crisis caused by COVID-19.

    The lawsuit “seeks to protect and vindicate fundamental liberties that citizens of the United States enjoy free from government interference” and asks a federal judge to issue a temporary restraining order or injunction prohibiting enforcement of the Governor’s order.

    DeSantis issued a March 27 executive order that blocked people from renting vacation properties during the public health emergency, but he allowed hotels, motels, inns, resorts and time-share facilities to stay open.

    DeSantis said the vacation-rental ban was necessary to discourage people from other states, such as COVID-19 “hotspots” Louisiana and New York, from traveling to the Sunshine State and spreading the highly contagious disease. The ban, which also prohibited advertising of rental opportunities during the duration of the order, includes an exception allowing vacation rentals for military, emergency and health workers.

    The executive order was set to expire, but the Governor last week extended the vacation-rental ban indefinitely.
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    but he allowed hotels, motels, inns, resorts and time-share facilities to stay open.

    Does the executive order provide the reason for hotels and inns to stay open? I have read that this was done to accommodate essential travel. Also, the hotels must meet certain restrictions and regulations. Many, if not most, of our hotels closed to protect their employees and also with all the restaurants and businesses closed, remaining open didn't make sense. Some are opening up now or soon.
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    Yes essential travel, better regulations, and hotels give money to politicians.
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    I predict this will be as resounding as the private beach lawsuit filed in federal court.

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