Volunteer at Alaqua Animal Refuge – They’re Counting on Us!

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    Looking for a great volunteer opportunity that will help a most worthy organization and warm your heart at the same time? Alaqua Animal Refuge needs the support of our community, and you can help.


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    I've been a volunteer dog walker for about 6 months now. It is incredibly rewarding. I've met so many wonderful fellow dog walkers and the dogs are always so happy to see you. I've seen so many positive adoption stories and it's so heartwarming every time I see one of my favorite animals get their forever home. The changes I've seen in some of the animals that Alaqua takes in is just amazing. I've seen so many dogs go from being very afraid of people to becoming loving and loved dogs that adore people. Alaqua is in a beautiful setting with all types of animals. The work they do there impresses me so much. Come out and volunteer, you won't regret it!

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