Walton County BCC Meeting Agenda & Notes for Oct 28, 2014

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    October 28, 2014​

    3:30 PM Special Meeting
    Government Services Group – Tax Increment Financing Projects
    1. U.S. 30A Project
    2. U.S. 331 Project
    4:00 PM Opening Comments
    Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag and Invocation
    Recognition of Guests
    Senator Don Gaetz
    Call to Order
    Consider Additions/Deletions
    Approval of Agenda with additions and/or deletions
    Public Comments – please limit comments to five minutes or less
    Items removed from Consent Agenda for further discussion
    Approval of Consent Agenda
    1. Clerk’s Items:
    1. Approve Expenditure Approval List (EAL)
    2. Approve Minutes of October 14, 2014 Regular Meeting and October 17, 2014 Special Meeting
    2. Administrative Items:
    1. Approve a Resolution declaring November 2014 as Pancreatic Awareness Month
    2. Approve purchase of a Dell Precision M4800 Laptop for the Traffic Operations Engineer in an amount not to exceed $3,000.00 using the Public Works Machinery and Equipment account
    3. Approve to submit an application for the Paddle Trail Project under the Florida Recreation Development Assistance Program (FRDAP) Grant Program in the amount of $200,000.00 with no match
    4. Approve Records Disposition Request No. 101for records which have met retention in accordance with State of Florida General Records Schedule GS1-SL
    5. Approve to apply for a DEP Recreation Development Grant (FRDAP) for the South Walton Sports Complex and include in the County’s Capital Improvements Plan
    3. Budget Amendment Resolutions/Transfers:
    1. Approve a Resolution to amend the Budget to account for revenues and expenditures for new grants from FY 2014-2015
    2. Approve a Resolution to amend the Budget to roll forward revenues and expenditures for encumbrances and projects from FY 2013-2014 into FY 2014-2015
    3. Approve a Resolution amending the General Fund Budget to recognize Florida Blue Wellness Funding in the amount of $140,000.00
    4. Agreements/Contracts:
    1. Approve the Agreement for Support coordinator Florida State Housing Initiative Partnership (SHIP) Program Contract for Replacement Housing with Habitat for Humanity – RFP #014-020
    2. Approve and Execute the Donation Agreement between Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., and Walton County for a 4 acre lot with mobile home located at 491 McHenry Road, Ponce De Leon, FL
    4:05 PM Larry D. Jones, County Administrator
    1. Administration
    a. Request to approve a Resolution proclaiming October 27-31, 2014 as Red Ribbon
    Week and recognize the Emerald Coast Young Marines
    b. Request to award Bid #014-0129 – Emergency Operations Center Renovations to the
    lowest, responsive, responsible bidder and advertise for a Public Hearing to be held
    November 12, 2014 for a Budget Amendment to move funds from Solid Waste
    c. Request to approve RFQ and advertise for Professional Consulting Services for
    Master Planning of the South Walton Sports Complex
    d. Grayton Beach Neighborhood Plan – request to amend the Land Development Code to
    exclude public property from Neighborhood Plans
    e. Request to accept AVCON’s Parking Needs Assessment Report as presented and
    provide staff direction
    f. County office/Sheriff substation at Mossy Head Industrial Park update
    2. Public Works
    a. Request to approve Work Squad Agreement WS #814 Contract and Addendum A
    with the Florida Department of Corrections
    b. Request approval of the Exercise the Second Option to Renew the Agreement for
    Thermoplastic Striping with Roadscape North Florida, Inc. and approve the
    Amendment with the revised rate schedule
    c. Request the Board review the draft Traffic Calming Policy and provide comments
    3. OMB/Finance
    a. Request to approve a Sales Tax Revenue Note Resolution and Execution of Loan
    Documents for the property acquisition and construction process of the South Walton
    Sports Complex
    4:20 PM Jim Bagby, TDC Executive Director
    1. Request approval to accept into record the current Marketing Plan Summary which aligns with
    the previously approved FY 2015 Budget and also denotes projects which may result in
    combined spending of more than $25,000.00
    2. Request to approve a change to the Capital Purchase Plan to transfer funds not to exceed
    $15,000.00 from a contingency line item to accommodate for conference room updates
    3. Request approval to advertise for a RFQ for the Public Space Design Charrette
    4. Request to approve changes to FY 2016 Sponsorship Guidelines
    5. Request approval of the North Walton Events Sponsorship Grants totaling $20,000.00
    6. Updates
    4:30 PM Mark Davis, County Attorney
    1. Request permission for the Design Review Board to hold public workshops to consider
    amending Chapter 13 of the Land Development Code; specifically those portions pertaining to
    color, building materials, and landscaping materials required within the Scenic Corridor
    2. Request to approve Traffic Signal Maintenance and Compensation Agreement with the State
    of Florida Department of Transportation
    4:40 PM Public Hearings
    1. Consider an Ordinance repealing Ordinance 1973-03 known as the “Outdoor Events”
    2. Consider an Ordinance recognizing and formalizing Inlet Beach Water System, Inc.’s
    exclusive franchise to operate and maintain a public water supply and sewage collection and
    disposal system in Walton County, Florida
    3. Approve a Resolution amending the Budget to bring forward $250,000.00 from the Tourist
    Development Council Reserves to promote or recruit additional air service for Walton County
    4. Approve a Resolution to amend the Budget to bring forward $321,000.00 in Law Enforcement
    Automation Fund Reserves for the replacement of the IT Hardware for the Sheriff’s Office
    5. Approve a Resolution amending the County Transportation Fund Budget to recognize
    Proportionate Fair Share funding in the amount of $238,000.00 for the East Corridor Multi-
    Use Pathways
    5:00 PM Vice-Chair Cindy Meadows, District Five
    1. Gulf Pines subdivision stormwater pumping

    5:05 PM Commissioner Sara Comander, District Four
    1. Request approval to amend the Comprehensive Plan to restore Walton County’s
    Ecosystems and Economy to include the proposed mini-grant language
    2. Request the Board support the Northwest Florida Estuaries Restoration Project by
    providing a letter of support
    5:10 PM Commissioner Bill Imfeld, District Three
    5:15 PM Commissioner Kenneth Pridgen, District Two
    1. Gaskin Masonic Lodge and property
    5:20 PM Chairman W.N. “Bill” Chapman, District One
    1. Request to submit comments regarding the proposed “Waters of the United States”
    Rule submitted by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Army
    Corps of Engineers
    5:25 PM Additional Public Comments - please limit comments to three minutes or less
    Agenda Recap - Staff Review of Directives
    5:30 PM Planning and Development Services
    1. Agricultural Uses Ordinance - An Ordinance amending Walton County Comprehensive Plan Policy L-1.2.2 Rural Residential (RR), Comprehensive Plan Policy L-1.2.3 Rural Low Density (RLD), and Comprehensive Plan Policy L-1.2.4 Rural Village (RV) to modify the uses allowed to include agricultural, aquacultural, and silvicultural activities in these Districts; providing for severability and an effective date. This ordinance will correct the Walton County Comprehensive Plan citations in the previously approved ordinance. (Re-Adoption Hearing)
    2. Comprehensive Plan Recreation Plat Fee Ordinance – An ordinance amending Walton County Comprehensive Plan Policy R-2.4.5, providing for an increase in recreation buyout fees for subdivisions, and mixed-use developments from five percent to six percent of the gross value of the subdivision. (Adoption Hearing)
    3. Limited Lodging Ordinance Scrivener’s Error - An Ordinance amending Sections 2.01.03.K, and 2.01.02.L of the Walton County Land Development Code to increase the maximum number of rooms allowed as Limited Lodging from 75 rooms to 125 rooms to be consistent with Walton County Comprehensive Plan Glossary Definition changed in the EAR Amendment effective 3/1/2011; providing for severability and an effective date. This ordinance will correct the Walton County Land Development Code citations in the previously approved ordinance. The LDC citations were changed by another ordinance approved during the same review time period before this ordinance completed the approval process. (Adoption Hearing)
    4. West Shore Phase II Plat – Project number 14-00300007 is being reviewed by Brian Underwood. This is a plat application submitted by Seaside Engineering & Surveying, LLC, requesting approval of the final plat for six single-family residential lots on 4.39 acres with a future land use of Neighborhood Infill. The project is located one-fourth mile west of the intersection of U.S. Highway 98 and CR 30-A, along the north side of West Shore Drive and is identified by parcel number(s) 25-3S-18-16090-000-0240.

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