Walton County BCC Meeting Agenda & Notes March 11, 2014

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    Here is the agenda for the County Commission meeting on March 11, 2014 starting at 4 PM at the South Walton Courthouse Annex. Items of particular interest south of the Bay are highlighted in blue. Some additional information is presented below as well as within the agenda.

    1. Multi-modal Path Through Topsail State Park and Preserve. (under Consent Agenda) Though this is an action item requesting a vote by the Commissioners, there was little information in the public file on this item. Upon reviewing the County file, SWCC contacted Commissioner Meadow's office on the following points:

    • Action is being sought for approval of a Resolution yet no Resolution document is in the file for public review
    • There is no information in the County file showing the intended route of the trail through the State Park
    • There has been a lot of past controversy with putting action items on the Consent Agenda as the Commissioners typically do not seek public comment on consent items. They are typically administrative and/or ministerial in nature. SWCC has repeatedly requested that substantive issues be placed on the agenda rather than incorporated into Consent Agenda. A Resolution to obtain an easement for a paved path through a state park and preserve should be on the agenda as a regular agenda item for which there is an opportunity for the public to hear more about the proposed project. It should not be lumped into the Consent Agenda along with such items as a request to surplus/dispose of a copier.

    Any proposed impact on publicly owned land should be presented to the public so they can understand what is being proposed. It is public land that is being impacted. In response to our request Commissioner Meadows had a map showing the trail sent to us as well as cost estimates. She has also requested that the information be placed in the public file as well as the Resolution. She has also asked that the item be pulled off the Consent Agenda and be opened for public comment. It will probably come up under Administration.

    Based on the maps and other information provided to us the County wants to complete a gap between the end of the path on CR 30A and the existing path that runs down Scenic Gulf Drive then onto the south side of U.S. 98 but ends at Topsail Hill road. It is our understanding that the County wants to go through the State Park and Preserve as they have concluded it is easier to get such a project through with the State rather than try to use the Right of Way belonging to FDOT which would entail, among other things, getting approval for crossings at all the drainage structures on 98. It would be easier to build and maintain a path on state land.

    It looks like the path follows the border of the state land off of U.S. 98 and CR 30A. The state land may have more obstacles such as wetlands. The map is not superimposed on an aerial so that its exact path through the woods cannot be determined. This is why a public hearing is important-so that everyone understands the project and has the opportunity to express support, suggestions or present issues. The State approval process requires a public hearing and the County should do likewise. We look forward to hearing about the project. The completion of a multi-modal path from Scenic Gulf Drive to CR 30A would be wonderful for our area. We look forward to hearing more information on the options that have been considered and how environmental impacts will be minimized if the path goes through state land as opposed to the ROW.

    2. Request for Additional Code Enforcement (under County Administrator) This agenda item is a request to move one Full Time Employee (FTE) which is not being used from Administration to Code Enforcement. The intent is to "enhance Code Enforcement's ability to achieve a higher level of compliance and to strengthen their ability to provide an enhanced level of enforcement...It is staff's intent to utilize this position to provide greater coverage, particularly during typical "off" times. "

    3. CR 395/ US 98 Intersection Improvements (under Public Works) According to the County file, Public Works has had an operational traffic analysis done on the intersection and the the following infrastructure improvements have been suggested to help relieve the "operational issues currently being experienced." (A) Southbound: a free flow right turn lane on CR 395 and (B) Northbound: an exclusive left turn land on CR 395. The project will be funded through the use of U.S. 98 Proportionate Fair Share funds.

    4. Noise Ordinance Draft (under County Attorney) There is currently a noise ordinance in effect for South Walton. (Ord. 2003-09) This proposal takes a different approach in that, among other things, the determination of whether a noise violates the Ordinance is made by a "plainly audible" standard rather than the current meter standards. A copy of the proposed Ordinance is attached to this email. Please note. This is not an action item on the agenda. Staff is formally submitting the proposed draft to the Commissioners for their review and comment. The Commissioners will not be voting on the proposal at this meeting. Any Ordinance to change the current provisions must go through a public hearing process which will occur in the future. Members of the public can, however, submit their comments to County Staff at any time.0031_1_Draft Noise Ordinance 3-5-2014.pdf

    4:00 PMInvocation and Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag
    Call to Order
    Consider Additions/Deletions
    Approval of Agenda with additional and/or deletions
    Public Comments – please limit comments to five minutes or less
    Items removed from Consent Agenda for further discussion
    Approval of Consent Agenda

    • Clerk’s Items:

    • Approve Expenditure Approval List (EAL)

    • Approve Minutes of February 25, 2014 Regular Meeting

    • Approve Investment Report for quarter ended December 31, 2013 as requested by the Clerk’s Office

    • Administrative Items:

    • Approve a Resolution proclaiming March 2014 as American Red Cross Month

    • Approve a Resolution proclaiming March 23rd through March 29th as Boys and Girls Club Week

    • Approve to advertise a Data Entry Clerk position for the Building Department

    • Approve to surplus/dispose BCC #5688 copier from the Planning Department

    Approve a Resolution requesting an Easement for a Multi-Modal Path on the south side of US 98 to allow connection of the existing paths on CR30A and Scenic Gulf Drive

    • Budget Amendment Resolutions/Transfers:

    • Request to Approve a Resolution to amend the Budget in the General Fund for unanticipated grant funds for the State Aid to Libraries Grant in the amount of $4,282

    • Approve a resolution to amend the budget in the Solid Waste Fund for Unanticipated Grant Revenue in the amount of $90,909 for the Small County Solid Waste Management Grant received from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection

    • Approve to de-obligate $6,000 from the Natural Bridge Park Property Account to the Paxton Park Account to purchase six bleachers


    • Approve modifications to the Agreements between the Florida Division of Emergency Management and the Walton County Sheriff’s Office

    • Approve E911 Maintenance Grant application and 911 Coordinators Meeting Grant application, as requested by the Sheriff’s Office

    • Approve renewal of the Technical Service Support Agreement for Physio Control

    Alicia Butler and Rick Helfand with Seaside School - Appreciation to the Board

    4:05 PM Larry D. Jones, County Administrator

    1. Administration
    a. Mossy Head Industrial Park
    1. Empire Trucks
    2. Southern Tire Mart
    3. Brian Brigman
    4. Jay Howard
    b. FTE for Code Enforcement
    c. Request to utilize Preble Rish Inc. for engineering and renovation of the Emergency Operations Center as part of the Continuing Engineering Services Agreement.
    d. TIF Funding for US 331 and CR30A (SWCC Note: This involves Tax Increment Financing (TIF) funding for roadway and stormwater improvements.)

    2. Public Works
    a. Request to approve Retif as the Alternate Fuel Supplier for Bid/RFP #014-005 Gasoline & diesel Fuel Supply
    b. CR 395/ US 98 Intersection Improvements
    c. Update on Beaver Lake Dam Project
    d. Change Order #01 from Tetra Tech, CR 2 Phase III (013-023) from SR 83 to Holmes County Line

    3. Planning Department
    a. Approve a Resolution amending Resolution 2014-08 setting fees for Sector Plan Reviews, Sector Plan DSAP Reviews, and Engineering review fees for both

    4:15 PM Jim Bagby, TDC Executive Director

    • Request to approve 2014 Agreement between Choctawhatchee Basin Alliance of Northwest Florida State College and Walton County Tourist Development Council to provide and operate services to assist in strengthening nature-based tourism (SWCC Note: This item generally involves CBA designing courses, recruiting instructors and compiling existing courses to create a comprehensive schedule of nature-based activities within the County for the public.)
    • Bid #014-003 – Maintaining Multi Use Trails – request to award to ValleyCrest in the amount of $250,000.00
    • TDC seat recommendations
    • Updates

    4:25 PM Mark Davis, County Attorney

    • Request for Executive Session to be held on March 25, 2014, at the DeFuniak Springs Courthouse at 8:30 A.M., to discuss James and Melanie Nipper vs. Walton County, Case No.: 2013-CA-000694
    Request the Board review the submitted draft Noise Ordinance and provide comments
    • Request to Approve the proposed Fire Services Automatic Aid Agreement with City of DeFuniak Springs, City of Freeport, Liberty Fire District, and Argyle Volunteer Fire Department
    • Request to Approve the Form Contract for Animal Control Hearing Officer
    • Request to Approve the Lease with the Emerald Coast Children's Advocacy Center, Inc.
    • Approve a Resolution proclaiming April 2014 as Child Abuse Prevention Month
    • Request approval to foreclose the Code Enforcement lien on Code Case No.: 2010-640, Utopia Motorcross Park, Inc. and Allan Shane Miller
    . Osprey Point Update

    4:30 PM Public Hearings:
    • Approve a Resolution amending the Landfill and County Transportation Fund budgets to bring forward $135,911 in Landfill Reserve Funds to replant and manage timber at the Landfill property.
    Approve a Resolution amending the budget to recognize $380,809 in Proportionate Fair Share funding to construct Northbound, Westbound, and Eastbound turn lanes at the Hwy 98 and Geronimo Street intersection.
    a. Request Board approval of the Task Work Order 14-004, Professional Engineering Services for Turn Lane Improvements on S. Geronimo at US 98 in the amount of $68,930.00

    4:40 PM Vice-Chair Cindy Meadows, District Five
    4:50 PM Commissioner Sara Comander, District Four
    4:55 PM Commissioner Bill Imfeld, District Three
    5:00 PM Commissioner Kenneth Pridgen, District Two
    5:05 PM Chairman W.N. “Bill” Chapman, District One
    • Approve a Resolution proclaiming April 5, 2014 as Friendship House Day

    5:10 PM Citizen Requests:
    • Herbert “Kuntry” Carter – Request to adopt a Resolution introducing a new concept of music titled “Dixie Phonics”
    J. Darrick Lund – South Walton Beach Vendors Morning Beach Access

    5:15 PM Additional Public Comments - please limit comments to five minutes or less

    Agenda Recap - Staff Review of Directives

    5:20 PM Planning and Development Services
    Comprehensive Plan Mixed Use Acreage Criteria Ordinance - An ordinance amending Walton County Comprehensive Plan Policy L-1.3.4 Small Neighborhood (SN), Comprehensive Plan Policy L-1.3.5 Traditional Neighborhood Development (TND), Comprehensive Plan Policy L-1.3.6 Coastal Center (CC), and Comprehensive Plan Policy L-1.3.7 Coastal Center Mixed Use (CCMU) to modify the acreage criteria for providing mixed uses in these districts and clarifying the types of uses required; providing for severability and an effective date. Approve to be transmitted.


    Project number 13-00600015 is being reviewed by Tim Whaler. This is an application submitted by Kermit George, for proposed small scale amendment to the Future Land Use Map of the Walton County Comprehensive Plan, requesting approval of an amendment to 8.95 acres from Estate Residential to General Commercial, to be adopted by ordinance. The project is located on West Indian Creek Road east boundary of parcel is 670 feet east of Hwy. 331 and is identified by parcel number(s) 23-2n-19-18000-021-0010. (Applicant requests to continue this item to the April 8, 2014 BCC Meeting.)
    Peach Creek Phase 2A Plat - Project number 13-00300017 is being reviewed by Brian Underwood. This is a plat application submitted by Innerlight Engineering Corporation, requesting approval to plat 40 residential lots in Peach Creek, consisting of 28.04 acres with a future land use of Conservation Residential 2:1. The project is located adjacent to Old Ferry Road and identified by parcel number(s) 36-2s-19-24000-008-0000. (Applicant requests to Table this Item.)

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    It sounds like a new language. You communicate by whistling or something like that.
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    The commissioners who had heard it described it as singing. They voted not to do the resolution, though.

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