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Bob Wells

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Jul 25, 2008
Wonder if Representative Gaetz will represent me in a lawsuit against Gov Scott for the Sunshine Law violations that he has? Oh that won't work, he has higher aspirations.


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Nov 14, 2009
Walton County, FL
Demand the County Commissioners Resignation and a Court Order to Stop Them

After reading everyone's suggestions, news items, and commentary I thought I would put in my two cents worth.

We all need to pick up our phones, our pens, and our computers and send letters, emails and make calls, write the papers, television stations, etc. demanding the resignation of the county commissioners. This has to end once and for all.

If this situation is, what many are lead to believe, which is either incompetence or corruption at the most intolerable level, then all of the Commissioners need to go. In fact, we need to run them out of the county by making sure that every citizen believes that these commissioners can no longer manage our County Government like Walton County is a Banana Republic.

Even if this whole matter is a result of the workings of Ralph Miller and his slippery ways, who appears to have misled Commissioner Brannon, then he best return the money he made off of this transaction and he should be disbarred.

Meanwhile the County Commissioners should still leave as no lawyer should be able to outsmart them and make them look like idiots run our county government Commission. If the county commissioners are idiots (which after this transaction, it seems they are), then the commissioners have got to go.

The commissioners should resign, the County Administrator take the county over for the time being, until a special election is called to replace them all.

Who knows how many other "personal agenda items" are "being worked" in the county government at the hands of these High School Class Presidents who appear to operate as though they are looking after Bake Sale money. We can not afford for millions of dollars to be wasted at the hands of these individuals. This is a "bad deal" that we taxpayers know about. How many more "bad deals" are hidden from our view?

At a minimum, during any ethics investigation, the Commissioners should be suspended with no pay. And, there should be a court order that prevents the Commissioners from spending one more dime of OUR MONEY until this matter is settled.

Pick up your pens, computers and phones folks, we can make this happen for the good of all of us.
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Dec 9, 2004
George Ralph Miller Defends His Work - WZEP report

When Walton County bought the land at Chat Holley from Lloyd Blue for a possible turn lane, the county used the services of a special counsel, Attorney George Ralph Miller. Miller has been listed in some media as not doing his job and the land transaction has been questioned as mistakes made and possible intent of wrongdoing. Miller’s services as a special counsel for the county were abruptly terminated and Miller was left with a professional black eye.

At Tuesday afternoon’s Walton Commissioner meeting, Miller addressed the Board and reviewed what has happened to him, defending the job he did. Miller also disagreed with some of the conclusions of the law firm from Tallahassee that produced a report for the commissioners. That report put the blame on Walton County Attorney Lynn Hoshihara, but also included others of making mistakes or not following procedures and even points to the commissioners as to not making the use of special counsel clear.

George Ralph Miller said his services with the county was dropped with no advance warning. Miller said he was offered a chance to resign and his termination letter was sent before he even knew what was happening, before he was called to a meeting. He was shown an almost 100 year old letter about property on Chat Holley. Miller said he had reviewed the documents and had told Commissioner Scott Brannon they were ok to sign and were in order. He said he even advised the signing could wait through the weekend.

Miller said his review showed the property had not been purchased twice by the county. He said the survey showed this and a title attorney said there was no problem. Two notes in the title were removed. Miller said his job was to review the closing documents and that is what he did.

Miller said the information he is presenting is running contrary to what was reported and presented by experts. Miller said he has been questioned by the county’s experts from Tallahassee. He said it is ludicrous to presume he would advise to close without reviewing the documents. Miller said those responsible for putting the question of if the county paid twice for the same property have not gone back and corrected their statements. Miller said he has been accused of business arrangements and developments with Lloyd Blue. Miller said Blue is his friend, but has not done business with him since around 1990.

Miller said County Administrator Greg Kisela told him he was fired because of the deed. He pointed out what he described as a legal impediment to the deed if it was like some said. Miller also said he was on hourly pay during the time of the matter. He called his firing a knee jerk reaction and talked about the damage to his career.

Miller then said the commissioners should not hide behind a frivols lawsuit and should be able to talk to him. Before he came before the Board, the county attorney advised members not to discuss anything due to a pending lawsuit by Suzanne Harris. Miller said he is not afraid of Suzanne Harris and feels she is just trying to make sure he does not work for the county anymore. He said his conscious is clear about Chat Holley. He told commissioners he has represented the commission and board for about 40 years and hopes they are proud of the relationship.


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Feb 9, 2008
Historic Old Point Washington
George Ralph Miller is the former County atty for Walton County with 20 or so years under his belt with WCC. This may not be his first rodeo with controversy relating to land and Walton Co. I have some memory of land purchased by the county for the courthouse annex, library, etc..years ago that GRM was involved in for WCC. Something was fishy with a parcel purchased but I don't remember what or if there were any repercussions. Anyone else have any memory of this?
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Feb 21, 2006
Seagrove girl here's what I recall:

Back in 1992 when the State of Florida purchased part of Topsail Preserve, Deer Lake State Park, additions to Grayton Beach State Park and Point Washington State Forest the County officials balked that all this land taken off the tax rolls would result in financial disaster in Walton County. (Boy were they wrong). So there was a scheme to get the land back or at least 3,000+ acres. After several years of public and private meetings a deal was struck for “New Town” which was planned on 400 acres of public and private land on the NW corner of 98 and 331. From what I remember GRM owned a parcel of land along with 2 other people within these 400 acres. They had bought it in a tax sale; one of the other owners was a former Walton County tax collector. For some reason St. Joe forgot to pay taxes on this parcel. The third owner was a Pental if I remember correctly. The title on the maps was Pental, et al so it wasn’t obvious that GRM was a part owner. It was later learned that GRM had admitted in his divorce proceedings that there was “a cloud on the title” So guess what, this 10 acre parcel which has a good bit of wetland, was planned for a school site. Several citizens questions why this private parcel was slated for a school. Just think about it! If there’s a “cloud on the title” and the county were to purchase it while GRM was the county attorney who’d be doing the title search? The “New Town” plan never came to fruition but was eventually replaced with what is "The Government and Educational Center” the high school, library and annex are all on what used to be a part of Point Washington State Forest. Our Parks and Forest are never safe.
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Jul 7, 2007
Here’s what I recall. The 3000 acres the county wanted back from the preservation lands acquired by the state included what is the Cassine trail that goes over to the north shore of Eastern Lake, and some dune lake headwaters in Blue Mountain Beach. If the county had their way those beautiful parcels would all have been developed.
I’m opposed to chipping away at the forest here and there for this or that project, because once you start there will be no end to the requests. If the TDC gets their way on land for a new visitor center you can bet that won’t be the last project looking to locate on public land. How many people living next to preservation land want a new TDC center in the forest but would freak out if they took the forest next to them?


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Feb 9, 2008
Historic Old Point Washington
Thank you soappedaler! That is what I was referring to but couldn't remember all the info. Why oh why was George Ralph Miller retained two years ago? It's stunning whether he was paid $10,000. per mo. on retainer (which I believe he is disputing the amount) or if it was .01 cent. I believe in keeping things local except the county government.


Dec 15, 2011
Does anyone know anything about Bayoaks Inc. or Bayoaks Estates/ Bayoaks Estates Limited? How do they figure into this quagmire?
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