Walton County Mobility Plan - Public Session at Seaside Institute

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    The public is invited to attend the Walton County Mobility Plan meeting on September 13 from 4:30PM - 6PM at the Seaside Institute. On the agenda is to review the options of a multi-modal transportation system, targeted road improvements and connectivity between communities that encourage a safe and interconnected system of lanes, paths and technology. The final plan will also serve as a basis to address transportation funding sources and parking for projects identified within the mobility plan.

    County officials, as well as Nue Urban Concepts Consulting Firm who is collaborating with the County, will discuss the plan, the data behind it and address your questions. To Register go to https://www.seasideinstitute.org/new-events/2019/9/13/walton-county-mobility-plan-information-session

    Walton County Mobility Plan - Public Session
    September 13
    4:30PM - 6PM
    Seaside Institute
    168 Smolian Circle Seaside, FL 32459

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