Walton County Public Defender Sentenced to 7 Years

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    Courtesy WZEP

    The results of a long, tireless investigation into illegal drug activity in Walton County are coming to fruition. State Attorney Bill Eddins announced yesterday the cases involving the subjects arrested in Operation Avalanche are substantially completed thanks to the hard work of the Walton County Sheriff’s Office and 1st Judicial Circuit.

    In July of 2014 both agencies uncovered a drug operation, which included the manufacturing and sale of methamphetamine and pharmaceutical medications. Operation Avalanche resulted in the arrest of several dozen persons associated with the criminal enterprise, searches of several houses, and seizure of drugs, paraphernalia and other contraband. Walton County Sheriff’s Office put in hours upon hours of manpower to help ensure the investigation would carry out the means necessary for the 1st Judicial Circuit to put those arrested behind bars.

    The principal of the multi-tier organization, Charles Alford, plead guilty to racketeering and continuing criminal enterprise charges and was sentenced to 10 years in a state prison, followed by 10 years of probation. Alford’s prior attorney, former assistant public defender, Leonard Platteborze plead no contest to a racketeering charge and will be sentenced to 7 years in a state prison, followed by a period of probation. Another participant, Erica Nowling plead no contest to racketeering charges and will be sentenced to no less than three years and not more than seven years in a state prison, followed by a period of probation.

    “Two years after the start of this investigation we are seeing the reward of some very hard work,” said Walton County Sheriff Michael Adkinson. “The citizens of our county should be proud of our law enforcement and our judicial system.”

    The sentencing hearings for Mr. Platteborze, Ms. Nowling, and the remaining defendants are scheduled in the next several weeks.

    “The illicit manufacture and sale of methamphetamine poses serious risks to public safety, health, and welfare and is a serious problem for law enforcement,” said State Attorney Bill Eddins. “But thanks to the efforts of Sheriff Adkinson and his deputies, this illicit enterprise has been eliminated.”
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    Great work Mike and Bill !!!

    Now get back to the Grand Jury Investigation and the Corruption in Walton County please...

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