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    Click here to support Walton County Skatepark organized by Walton Skate Society

    Walton Skate Society – A Skate Park Community

    We have been busy working with Newline Skateparks and our county to keep this project moving, and we're now closer than we've ever been! At the top of the page is a flyover of our proposed park design, which we plan to build this year at Helen McCall Park.

    Here's the thing: now that this is real, we NEED to raise more money.

    A park like this will cost about $500k total. Currently, we have about $100k. That's great, but it is not enough. But we can do this! Our total park budget costs less than a typical single-family home being built on 30A right now - we should totally be able to get there if we put our resources together.

    Are you a thousandaire? How about a hundredaire? If so, now is your chance to cement your support for our skatepark. We are close to decision time. We can build half the skatepark with the money we have (no bowls)or raise more cash and build it all. For a limited time, we may also receive matching funds from the county! Double your impact!

    We are looking for donors to drop in big and donate $1000. Your name (or company logo) will be forever immortalized in a prominent location in the park! Design to be determined.

    Part of the reason we are building the park is because many folks have no cash for sports and recreation. If you can't donate, don't feel bad, this park is for you! However, if summer has been good to you, and you want to pay it forward, consider joining our "hundredaire club". Donate $100 and we will recognize your generosity online. (While supplies last, you can also take your pick of our remaining park T shirts).

    Don't have $100? Any donation will help us get this park made sooner.

    Thank you so much!

    Questions? Ideas? Get in touch!

    Want to design a special feature of the park to feature your brand?
    Please get in touch with us to chat!

    Email: info@WaltonSK8s.com
    Phone: (850) 225-1747

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