Why do more water/aquatic accidents happen in July....

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    Think about it...you are half way through the summer. The kids have gone to camps, pool parties or even you've been going to the pool every weekend. Your family has a swimming routine and you are more [FONT=&quot]comfortable[/FONT] around the pool now than you were in May.

    Comfort = Less [FONT=&quot]cautious[/FONT]! Parents please do not get lazy with your pool safety awareness this July! Put your iPhone down and swim with your child! Pool parties are danger zones for drowning’s and they can happen in under 60 seconds.

    And we are not only talking about children we are asking adults to be cautious as well, especially if you have been consuming alcohol! We live in a community surrounded by water. Please take the necessary safety precautions to keep your family safe!

    For more information about our swimming program...
    850-259-6563 call us we love to chat about swimming!


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