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Dec 5, 2004
Bluewater Bay, FL
We spent a couple years renting down by the beach when we first moved here, and no one would write us a renter's policy either, even just for fire & theft because we were too close to the beach and in a category 4 surge zone according to the maps.

There's a certain amount of chicken-playing that goes on between the state insurance regulators and the insurance companies. The companies say they're stopping writing new policies and need a 40% rate increase, the regulators say no you don't; you'll still make a nice profit with a 15% increase, and eventually they generally settle somewhere in the middle, and the insurer starts writing policies again with their shiny new rate increase in place.

And it's good that the private insurers generally do find it profitable enough to stay in the state because Citizen's doesn't exactly have the best reputation.
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