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Beach Crab
May 25, 2021
Santa Rosa Beach
We are moving to west side of 30A next month and have 2 teenagers that we'd love to get connected with other teenagers prior to them starting a new school. Hoping for any information on good youth programs at local churches that they could attend.

James Bentwood

Beach Fanatic
Feb 24, 2005
Check with Point Washington Methodist on 395. Also Boys and Girls Club for activities and volunteering to work with other kids. Also check out all the area groups for volunteer opportunities. The SWFD Junior Lifeguard program is strong.


Beach Lover
Oct 15, 2019
Seagrove Beach
Point Washington Methodist on 395 has a strong history of great youth programs. St. Rita Catholic Church also has great youth programs and a brand new beautiful Family Life Center. Check them out!
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