Seaside Institute Academic Village

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The Seaside Institute has nearly completed construction of its academic village. The project, which has been in development for almost two years, involves installing seven cottages within the Lyceum, an area within Seaside devoted to education and other civic activities. The cottages will house students and instructors who will travel to Seaside to participate in courses, seminars and workshops primarily in the areas of the arts, architecture/planning and health and well-being.

Programming will be geared to a wide range of people – from high school, college and graduate level students to senior adults– and course offerings will be open to both boarders and day students. The village provides much-needed housing for students and teachers, while allowing participants to enjoy a collegial living environment where discussions can continue after class is officially over.

While many classes will be intended for students who have already embarked on a course of study, other classes are designed to awaken new interests. This spring the Institute will launch a series called “Rediscover Your Inner Artist,” which will offer five-day courses in photography, plein air painting, drawing and room design.

The academic village was included as part of the Seaside plan in late 1998, although the inclusion of student housing within the Lyceum has been discussed by Seaside’s founders, Robert and Daryl Davis, since the early 80s. 


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