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A Brand New Start for NWFL Fitness & SoWal Crossfit

December 27, 2017 by Manny Chavez

It’s hard to imagine two people at the beach more fit than Matt and Megan Titus.

As owners of SoWal CrossFit (NWFL Fitness), these two are “in it to win it” when it comes to health and fitness. They could easily grace the cover of any healthy lifestyle magazine, but it’s “what’s inside” that really comes forth when speaking to them. Trading in “bad habits” for “healthy habits,” they decided back in 2011 to pursue a healthier lifestyle.


“Ed Berry, owner of For The Health Of It, got me involved in martial arts,” says Matt. "He introduced me to new disciplines at a time when I needed new disciplines. A desire for fitness took over and I transitioned from martial arts to CrossFit training with a CrossFit membership gift from Megan’s mom June, who works as a massage therapist at For the Health of It.”

Matt and Megan soon modified their two-car garage into a home gym and they worked out regularly using established CrossFit disciplines. One workout lead to another and, thanks to word-of-mouth, other folks were soon invited to join them in their workouts. Thus, NWFL Fitness was born. At this time, clients were trained on a donation basis, with contributions going right back into equipment. It was business as usual with their “day job” marketing business, SEOM Solutions, but they noticed an uptick in their marketing firm that could only be attributed to their newfound fitness levels. To reach a larger audience, they took the leap to become affiliated CrossFit coaches/trainers.

“We attribute a lot of our business success to fitness,” says Megan. “It changed our lives, opening up a world of possibilities for us. Living positively allows for positive things to happen.”

Matt continues to describe the what the new CrossFit gym allows the community to do. "We hope to show people what a healthy lifestyle can do for them. It’s our ‘podium’, our passion. Having a training regimen like CrossFit is a lifestyle."

He continues that training at this level you need to have the other aspects of your life in place (nutrition, sleep, recovery). It would be difficult to come in here, work out, and then go back to work, eat anything you want, not get enough sleep, etc. If you live like this, you won’t be able to move properly in the gym! CrossFit is a LIFESTYLE, it forces you to make changes to your life outside of the gym. SoWal is a place where people come to reap the fruits of their labor, to embrace the outdoors, leading happy, healthy lives. Fitness plays a huge part of that.

Having two children of their own (Anna, 9 and Camron, 11) Matt and Megan have set their sights on educating and training the younger generation so that kids can start off on the right foot and continue with good fitness habits on into adulthood.

“We have our Lifting Futures side of SoWal CrossFit which is our investment in youth, giving children the opportunity to find ways to introduce new disciplines and be a part of something that isn’t an everyday sport, but is still considered very athletic.  There’s weightlifting, metabolic conditioning…we lead by example,” explains Matt.

As Megan explains it, “with our Lifting Futures Program, kids have a community here for them...a ‘safe’ place with no judgement, just a place for encouragement, nothing but positivity.”
Kids between the ages of 9-17 can join the program. Youth classes are held from 4-5 p.m., Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Gym schedule is from early morning until after dark - click here for the latest schedule.

As CrossFit affiliated coaches, Matt and Megan now have a large group of "Lifting Futures" kids enrolled. These kids are gamers, bookworms, Beta-clubbers, robotics-clubbers, and some are on athletic teams . Most were missing a fitness component in their lives. The program is very unique in that the participating kids go from being shy loners to high-confidence individuals. This transformation occurs in both kids and adults who stick with the programs.

SoWal CrossFit workouts are based on functional movements reflecting the best aspects of gymnastics, weightlifting, running, rowing and more. Unlike traditional gyms, the CrossFit gym is devoid of “machines” with the individuals soon finding that they ARE the machine! The cherry on the pie for participants is the community aspect of the workouts…the shared camaraderie encourages growth and future participation.

Future growth and expansion for Matt and Megan will concentrate on a holistic, single-location facility housing a potpourri of wellness providers (chiropractic, massage therapy, personal trainers, Pilates, etc.) all under one roof. Megan is in the process of getting her yoga teacher training, so yoga instruction is just around the corner at SoWal CrossFit.

“Any fitness is good fitness, use it or lose it,” seems to be the mantra to live by when you’re in the SoWal CrossFit hood!

SoWal CrossFit…the place to find your inner potential. Call for a free consultation.  Adult memberships range from $99-$199/month with individual classes and drop-ins priced at $20/each. A special First Responders rate is $115/month. The Lifting Futures-CrossFit Kids instruction fee is $175/month. With all memberships, the first two classes are free. Gym schedule is from early morning until after dark - click here for the latest schedule.
Phone: 850-830-6385. Visit www.nwfl.fitness.com.  Location: 262 WRM Circle (take Hwy. 283 N, crossing Hwy. 98, becomes Blue Mountain Rd., continue north and turn left into Blue Mountain Beach Commerce Park. Follow circle to the gym.

We’re happy to offer CrossFit classes to those visiting South Walton in Santa Rosa Beach and the surrounding area. Rates: $20/Class with multi-day packages available. Class: Drop-into any CrossFit Class on our schedule.


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