Blu-Binz Recycling Answers the SoWal Call For Curbside Pickup

May 5, 2011 by admin

John Mark Turner was watching and asking questions as many folks on the SoWal Forum called for curbside recycling. He decided to take action and fill the needs of the community, recentlly launching Blu-Binz Curbside Recycling.

By providing convenient weekly pickup service in SoWal, his goal is to encourage recycling and says even if you don’t use his service, "it feels good to recycle". He hopes Blu-Binz and recycling becomes a local flavor like "seafood and cold beer". Read a Q&A with John Mark after the break.

Are you new to the area?
I have lived in Seagrove for 2 years this April. My family has been coming down here since before i was born, And we would always stay at the Seagrove Villas. I've been a touring musician for 20 years now, and decided I wanted this to be my home base a couple years ago.

Where are you from?
I'm originally from Montgomery, but in the past decade have been based in New Orleans, Nashville, Birmingham, and Colorado. Glad to be here now, and hope to stay for a long time!

Is this new for you or have you done this before?
Yes, this is very new for me! I've never officially owned my own business, or been involved in waste management. Being in a band was similar in some ways though, such as marketing and selling a service and a product. I love that aspect of the job, just trying to reach people and offer them something they may like.

How did you get in this biz?
When i moved here two years ago, I noticed there was no curbside pick-up for recycling, and I was shocked. Considering the beauty of this area and the residents generally green attitudes, I just figured there should be. I got used to recycling in Ft. Collins, Colorado, and it's just second nature for me. So I have been using the trailers up until now, and I'm glad they are there, but i know for some people the option of having curbside would be attractive. I figured i had a lot of time on my hands, so why not?

How many households and businesses do you hope to service?
My first order was for 200 Binz.. I think that would be a heck of a start, and I don't mind starting off small in order to really work out all the kinks and maximize the service. I think this area will be perfect for that, and I also will be proud that Sowal will be the home of Blu-Binz should it ever evolve to other places. I'm all about growing here first and foremost. I hope I have to order more Binz real soon!

Where do you take recyclables?
I will take most of the recyclables to the recycling center in Defuniak Springs. The aluminum will go to the center in Freeport.

Do you make money on recyclables?
Most of my money will be made from my subscriber's service, and perhaps a little off of the aluminum and cardboard, but mainly I'm focusing on the service itself.

Are you trying to save the planet?
Trying to save the planet? Wow.. I think every little bit helps! I guess it all starts in your home community, and what an incredible place we are lucky enough to call home! Seeing the oil spill last summer, knowing the impact things like that can have, I just think that recycling is the least we can do, and it just makes sense! I believe the human race is coming to a crossroads right now with the environment, and attitudes are slowly changing about how we treat our mother Earth. Hopefully my service will just encourage some people and make it easier for them to do something easy for our environment down here!

Since you are also a musician, Can you tell us a little bit about your music career that you might want others to know - associations, highlights?
I've been really lucky over the course of my music career to meet and play with a lot of my musical heroes such as Hubert Sumlin, Willie King, and many others. I've also gotten the pleasure to do some studio recordings the past year and played along side the likes of Dr. John, Darryl Jones (bassist for the Rolling Stones) and many other talented musicians. I've also done the touring thing and slept in a tiny van with six other dudes. I'd love to keep on playing around the area as much as possible, and I hope to bring along some of my very talented friends.

When did you start using the SoWal site/forum? Did you use it to research recycling in the area or ask pertinent questions?
I started using SoWal when I first moved down here to keep up with local happenings and events. I actually was able to use to poll and gauge the interest of the local population in a curbside recycling service. It was very helpful to me in my decision to launch my business.

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