Chandler Williams is Walton TDC Photographer of the Year

March 7, 2014 by SoWal Staff

Chandler Williams loves photography, travel, and the water life. All of his loves come together for him here on the shores of South Walton. Chandler has taken it to the next level with a new studio in Grayton Beach and his selection as South Walton’s Photographer of the Year for 2014. 

It's the first year the Walton County TDC has honored a photographer. Chandler's new studio happens to be right next door to two previous South Walton Artists of the Year - Andy Saczynski and Allison Craft, and the South Walton Artist of the Year for 2014 - Mary Hong. Grayton Beach has always been an artist's community and Chandler and his neighbors are raising the bar.


Chandler first got behind a camera 15 years ago in an independent study program offered through Freeport High School during his senior year. Combining his passions in an artistic way, he created Modus Photography in 2008.  “Modus” is short for “Modus vi vindi,” which means “a mode or expression of life.”


While being an avid surfer and traveler who loves to be submersed in other cultures, Chandler has grown to greatly appreciate his local roots of growing up in South Walton. Knowing the area from his childhood has helped to greatly build his unique and eclectic portfolio that exemplifies the South Walton area. 

Two years ago, Chandler began collecting wood from old barns, docks, and any other distressed buildings he could get his hands on.  He started making reclaimed wood frames, which became the perfect compliment for his photography. He also will frame your favorite piece with the same authentic materials.

"I can honestly say that I love photography and all the different avenues it has created. I just love to be able to create. I am always up for a learning new techniques and challenging shoots," Chandler says.


The combination of the rustic reclaimed frames with his beautiful photographic images, processed on wood, metal, and other mediums are what makes Chandler’s work stand out. His art is truly a "must see."  You can find Chandlers artwork in 30 Local Real Properties in Grayton beach, at Retail Therapy in Santa Rosa Beach, The Blue Giraffe in WaterColor and the The Zoo Gallery in Grayton Beach and Grand Boulevard.

Chandlers portfolio covers a wide variety of photography and short film mediums from family portraiture, commercial restaurants, weddings,architecture as well as landscape photography.

To see more of his portfolio be sure to visit Visit Chandler in his new studio at Mystic Porte / The Shops of Grayton and his fellow Grayton artists at



What is the most interesting place or situation yo have found yourself in while shooting? Has to be while traveling in Peru. The country is amazing and the people are extremely generous, happy, humble, hard-working people. It was an experience I always reflect on.

While I was shooting there i was hiking back Into a coastal town of Chicama, only to see
A huge black inter tube rolling down the desert sand dunes into the Pacific. As I got closer the silhouettes of young boys came Into focus and it I noticed the that a contest of "boys being boys" was in place. The contest consisted of who could make it the furthest down the dune. All while the contest was taking place other silhouettes were high in the sky jumping off the three-story dune cliffs.

The awesome realization that this huge world we live in is united by the innocence of youth and the happiness that we have in life what we make out of it. These kids truly were happy! Chicama is a very humble fishing village on the northwest coast of Peru 18 hour ride north of Lima.


What is your favorite subject? If I had to pick I would say travel documentary and  landscape photography. Hard to have a favorite though. I enjoy the diversity and the challenge that each medium offers.

What is on your schedule for the artist of the year - showings or promotions by TDC? For photographer of the year the TDC has plans in store that will involve me helping Walton County getting more exposure by working with some of the media outlets that will promote our area.


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