Cox Pools Emphasizes Customer Service and Safety

July 3, 2012 by Joyce Owen


A recent emphasis on water safety in SoWal has hopefully caught the attention of visitors and locals. Cox Pools has an innovative and simple way to help, and company Marketing Director Barbara Gudgel was eager to share the importance of the issue.

“We are experts on pools,” she says, “but we also know we have to educate people to be smart around water. Drowning is an accident that is preventable.”

Parents use safety car seats and bicycle helmets to assure their children are protected, why not protect children from drowning by teaching them to be smart around water? The key to water safety is that everyone should know how to float and swim.

“A child as young as 10 months old can learn to float,” Barbara says. She encourages formal lessons once a child is old enough to enroll in a class and to follow basic safety guidelines: never swim alone, never swim without an adult and know how well you can swim.

The company participated in the world’s largest swimming lesson on June 14, an opportunity to teach youngsters to swim, but that’s only one way Cox Pools promotes water safety. Another is the innovative safety program, water watcher.

“It’s the same as designating a driver before going to a party,” Gudgel says.

Adults are scheduled as the official water watcher, with the duty of ‘Keeping the Eyes on the Kids’ for a designated time period, usually thirty-minutes. There are even water watcher tags to wear so there’s no mistake who has the job of watching the kids in the water. Considering families not only enjoy a swim in backyard pools, but at lakes, rivers, water parks and the Gulf of Mexico, it can be a powerful tool to prevent drowning.

Living in an area with so many opportunities to enjoy the water, Barbara encourages parents to make those activities safe.

Cox Pools was founded by Richard Cox Sr., in Birmingham, Ala. in 1958. The company built commercial pools all across the southeast, but years ago while working on projects in the Florida Panhandle, the owners saw the demand from homeowners for residential pools, and brought the company to Florida.

At their locations in In Panama City Beach and Destin, clients can select the perfect pool design, but also purchase pool supplies, outdoor furniture, and grills for a pool side kitchen. It is essential to current owner, Richard Cox Jr. that the company maintains a high level of customer service.

“We poll our customers, and the feedback is our crews are professional, polite and that they take pride in their work,” he says.

The building process requires specialized skills and Cox Pools has created crews that work as a unit throughout the construction phase. Many of the 75 employees are long-time workers.

The pool business has evolved over the years, with new technology making pool maintenance simpler and less costly. Ecopools, which have caught in the Orlando area, are still relatively new here, but the advances make upkeep much less demanding for pool owners.

Popup nozzles on the pool floor allows better circulation, which makes pool cleaning less labor intensive, but also reduces the cost of chemicals, lowers energy consumption and provides more even water temperatures.

Forget the plain-Jane jets in the spa or hot tub, the newest jets are larger but oh, what they can do. Hydrotherapy options include therapeutic back massage or a luxurious foot massage, but there are other jet packs that can be changed out as needed.

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