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Filmmaker Elam Stoltzfus on SUP Radio

November 19, 2013 by Leslie Kolovich

Elam Stoltzfus joined me recently in the studio. In this podcast he tells us how he got his start into filmmaking and the visual arts beginning in a first-grade art class. His teacher, Mr. Brady, introduced the possibilities of creating amazing visuals on a blank white paper. From this experience he knew he wanted to be an artist. He tells the story of becoming a musician, then into photography and the happenstance of being in the right place at the right time and the willingness to walk through a door, and that door led to filmmaking.

He has always been most comfortable and happy in the outdoors. He is passionate for Florida's environment and with his cinematography he tells the real stories of Florida. In fact, through his work showcasing some of Florida’s most pristine wilderness and waterways, the power of the visual  has assisted in policy changes in favor of the environment.

Elam’s resume is long and very impressive.  His work is stunning.  He has been working in the South Walton area since the late 90s in various film projects, but it was an experience in his canoe in Grayton Beach on Western Lake that really piqued his interest in coastal dune lakes.  

Walton County has 15 coastal dunes lake with only around 20 of these rare lakes worldwide.  He started a documentary on the lakes, but due to the economy crash, and the BP oil spill it was put on hold. Now he’s back on it.  He is an artist in residence for a wonderful program called Escape to Create here in Seaside where he will focus on completing the documentary on the lakes beginning in January 2014.

Elam, his son Nic, and intern Joey Dickinson filmed World Paddle For The Planet on beautiful coastal dune lake Powell on the shores of Camp Helen State Park.  He put together a wonderful video that captured the message and the power of the event.  It was a great honor to talk with Elam. To see more of Elam’s work with the coastal dunes lakes and his blog visit coastaldunelakes.org.

Listen to the podcast here. Top photo by Elam Stoltzfus.


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