Five Daughters Bakery Sweetens Airstream Row in Seaside

November 16, 2017 by Manny Chavez

Nothing Is Sweeter Than family

That's emblazoned on the front of one of the t-shirts hanging off a shiny airstream addition on Scenic 30A in Seaside.

The sweet family concept is displayed daily by the sugary concoctions emanating from the silver home of Five Daughters Bakery where Isaac and Stephanie Meek have settled in with their sweet donut eats.

The couple, whose bakery operation started in Nashville has rolled into SoWal with five daughters in tow. They knew from frequent visits to our area that South Walton is THE place to be. The beach, the water, the air, the perfect donut … what’s not to love about that scenario?

Baking and cooking has been a long-time tradition for Isaac Meek’s family going back several generations, with pizzerias, cake shops and grocery store-restaurants, all owned and operated by his maternal grandparents. Cooking is in the blood and goes a long way towards explaining Isaac’s current occupation. 

 “Nothing is Sweeter Than Family” is more than just a motto for the Meek family, it is also their way of life. Five Daughters Bakery (FDB) is very popular in Nashville, and Isaac and Stephanie are excited to be bringing their special donuts to SoWal. Nashvillians are aware of the pull of the mighty FDB donut, with locals quickly bending to the lure.

“Our product is unique in that the preparation is a four-day process,” says Isaac. “The start-to-finish process is labor and size (baking area) intensive with all the efforts reflected in our final product.”

Currently (the menu will change over time and daily offerings fluctuate), the MAIN menu consists of the 100 Layer Doughnut (once cooked, the doughnut is rolled in sugar, filled with cream, and topped with heavenly glaze); the Five Daughters Kouign Amaan ‘The Quinnamon Roll’, named after their fifth daughter, a crispy, caramelized croissant in maple cinnamon or orange; the Paleo Donut (completely free of grains, gluten, dairy, and sugars) offered in chocolate chip or dark chocolate pistachio;  The Cruffin (cinnamon or coffee) and The Vegan Donut (no eggs or dairy). Current menu prices are set at $4 or $5 with cookies to be added to the menu soon at $2/ea. The 100 Layer Doughnut is by far the most-ordered item on the menu. Early morning customers seem to be gravitating towards The King Kong doughnut which has bacon on top and is pretty much a meal in itself!

All offerings are baked locally at their Blue Mountain Beach kitchen and transferred to the Seaside location daily in time for an early-morning start (they open at 7 a.m. M-F and 8 a.m. Sat. and Sun.).

Pre-ordering your faves can be done, but orders must be for 3 dozen or more, pre-paid one week in advance, and must be picked up at the Seaside location. For large (weddings, for example) pre-orders, a minimum of 100 items must ordered, pre-paid two weeks in advance, and picked up at the Seaside location. Gift cards are available for purchase, just in time for the holidays!

Asked what makes their donuts special or different, Isaac is quick to reply, “for us, it isn’t just what we put in our donuts that makes the difference, but what we put back into our people. We DO use grass-fed French butter and organic everything, but we really take care of our people and they in turn care for the product…it translates into a ‘I want to make this better’ attitude and our customers have been very thankful for that and are very reciprocal for what we are doing.”

Isaac is active in connecting with the community and using locally-sourced ingredients.  He and his staff keep their eyes open at local farmers markets, always looking for new ingredients to be used in their baking. The Seaside offerings will change with the seasonal availability of fresh products. Isaac is already planning to expand his Five Daughters Bakery concept to Rosemary Beach with that location to include not only his yummy donut fare, but also additional foods in a sit-down or food-to-go space. 

“We are all about family and just want to spread the joy and atmosphere to the community and let our light shine too,” explains Isaac. Hopefully, the light will shine brightly on all 100 Layers!

For more information please call 850-231-2740. Location: 2235 E. Co. Hwy. 30A (airstream row); Hours: M-F, 7 a.m.-10 p.m., or until they run out, and Sat. & Sun., 8 a.m.- 10 p.m., or until they run out. web:


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