Furry Fanatics Pampers Pups

January 15, 2013 by Jill Tanner

Tim and Julie Brown know the meaning of "man’s best friend" very well. They live by the words and have made it their mission to serve pets and their owners. The two life-long animal lovers moved to the beach and opened Furry Fanatics, an all-natural pet supply store in Gulf Place. Their goal was to provide healthy foods and treats for pets, and educate the community why they're important. They want people to understand how to prolong their pet’s life while maintaining a healthy lifestyle for them.

The Furry Fanatics staff is happy to make food recommendations based on your pet’s age, size, and health. They have a large scale in house to weigh your pet so you can easily track progress. All dogs are welcome to come in to the store to shop and sniff. There may even be a treat in it for them.

The picture wall of pooches is a precious and loving touch. While you’re there and if you're willing, they will take a pic of your pup and add it to the wall. They consider their gallery the Furry Fanatics “family of dogs” and all are welcome to join the family.

The benefits of feeding your dog or cat quality food with all-natural ingredients are vast. Tim and Julie have experienced this first hand. Their own pooch had problems with ear infections, weight control, and other medical ailments that seemed to never stop. Switching to Nature’s Variety Instinct was “like watching a science project,” Julie says.

This raw diet is the way dogs and cats were born to eat. Furry Fanatics offers many lines of healthy kibble, wet food, and raw food that can change your furry friend’s life forever.The shop offers so many fantastic products. From collars and leashes to toys and homemade treats, they carry it all. Dapper Dogs Grooming adjoins the shop. If your pup needs a nail clipping, a bath, or a full makeover, they will beautify your babe.

As pet owners, we care deeply for our pets and want the very best for them. Furry Fanatics is a special store with only the best interest of your pet in mind. Prices are kept low to help locals avoid the big box stores and shop local. Stop in at Gulf Place at 56 Spires Lane, Santa Rosa Beach. Call with any questions at 850-278-6902. Visit the Furry Fanatics website at

Photos by Melanie Barrett.


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