Gus Andrews & Ed Arnsdorff Been There Done That

June 9, 2015 by Manny Chavez

When it comes to selling real estate, brokers Gus Andrews and Ed Arnsdorff have “been there and done that” several times over.

For the past few decades they’ve sold Walton County real estate individually, Gus with Abbott  & Andrews Realty, and Ed with Arnsdorff Gulf Front Realty. The two grew to know each other over the years and shared a mutual respect for one another’s work ethic. They were actually competing for real estate sales back in the “boom” days when it was common to buy and sell the same house on the same day. They put their heads together and started Andrews & Arnsdorff Realty in 2009.

The Blue Mountain Beach location on Scenic 30A is actually Ed’s old office location when he headed up Arnsdorff Gulf Front Realty. The two brokers feel like they are just now “getting things fired up” following the BP oil disaster of 2010. With 14 exceptional agents working for them, Andrews and Arnsdorff seem to be more interested in the quality of their program instead of the quantity. “We don’t have to be the biggest,” says Gus, “we just want to be the best at what we do.”

Andrews and Arnsdorff acquired Seagrove on The Beach Property Rentals, a well-known short-term vacation rental/property management service. This move allowed them to combine their real estate selling expertise with an established vacation rental service and be able to buy, sell, or rent properties as needed. They further expanded their business portfolio with the acquisition of Blu Property Inc.

Currently operating in Walton County, Andrews and Arnsdorff specialize in sales and rentals of properties all along the Gulf Coast, but future plans of expansion will include surrounding counties. Additional offices in Defuniak Springs and Panama City are projected to be opened in the near future.

“30A is developed,” says Gus. “Mostly we are dealing with re-sales of residential and commercial buildings here on 30A. But the future growth will be to the north of here. Once you cross the bridge toward Freeport, once the 4-lane is built, people will only be 10 minutes away from the beach from north of the bay. The beach will always be the main attraction here whether you are coming here to live or to vacation.”

Both Gus and Ed agree that their realty company represents all of Walton County, not just the “south” part. South Walton growth has literally “blown up” in the past few years. Gus emphasizes that there is a very real need to “manage growth, not fight it.”

“Growth is going to happen anyway, we can’t fight it. Managing current growth and learning from the experience will be very important in dealing with the future growth of the county. Walton County is expected to grow by 30,000 people in the next 5 years. And that’s a lot of people. They can’t all live on 30A. Things will be moving north.”

A project that Gus is very passionate about is what he calls the Veteran’s Lodge Project, a 350 acre complex for veterans to be located in Freeport. He and several investors are working vigorously to obtain funding for the not-for-profit that would provide psychological rehab instead of clinical. A place to deal with their PTSD and learn a trade while they are there.

Both Gus and Ed have noted that the current average buyer of homes is much more sophisticated than in the past.

“Thanks to the internet, they’ve done their homework before they arrive here. In an attempt to keep up with all this knowledge, we are working to bolster our real estate presence on the World Wide Web.” Office manager Rwandalee Ramos (Rlee for short) keeps the gears greased within the Andrews and Arnsdorff organization. As a licensed realtor and licensed Community Association Manager in the state of Florida, she has the know-how to help the associates and the company stay successful.

Visiting with Gus and Ed is like a trip down memory lane, but they are firmly set on the future with SoWal as their hub and the far reaches of all of Walton County on their radar.

For sales information, call 850-267-0050 or visit For vacation rental info, call 850-231-4205.

Office Locations Corporate Office | 1732 W. Co. Hwy. 30A, Suite 105, Santa Rosa Beach, FL
Blue Mountain Beach Office | 2129 S.County Hwy. 30A, Unit B, Santa Rosa Beach, FL
Defuniak Springs Office | 3590 U.S. Hwy. 331 South, Defuniak Springs, FL
Seagrove Beach Office | 5311 E. County Hwy. 30A, Suite 4, Santa Rosa Beach, FL

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