Help the Horses of Alaqua Animal Refuge!

May 3, 2013 by Marla Burns

Alaqua Animal Refuge desperately needs our help! The Refuge just doesn't have the budget to care for the number of horses that have been surrendered by owners or rescued by Alaqua. There are currently 30 on the 10-acre property and another five in foster homes.

Food costs have increased significantly and Laurie Hood, owner and founder of Alaqua Animal Refuge, estimates that it takes $250 per month to feed each horse the massive amount of food and hay they consume.

In many cases, The Refuge takes in horses due to the fact that some owners who, although they love the animals, simply can no longer afford to care for them and surrender them to the Refuge; others are taken out of abusive situations where the horses are severely malnourished and suffering to the point of hardly being able to stand.

There have been many cases where the horses were close to death and with the help of Alaqua's veterinarian, Dr. Amy Williams, they have been able to thrive, given proper nutrition and medical care. But it all takes money and resources.

Alaqua sincerely appreciates the generosity of the community who offer help by volunteering, as well as donations of food, supplies and money. The Refuge is desperate now to help the many rescued horses in their care and are counting on the community to rally in support.

If you'd like to help by donating, or fostering an animal, please call 850-880-6399 or email

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