Jewelry of 30A Shines in Seagrove

September 2, 2014 by Manny Chavez

Tim and Patsy Hardin know fine jewelry when they see it. They feature the best in their new store, Jewelry of 30A, and they are “living their dream” in Seagrove Beach. They opened for business at the former Bruno’s Pizza location in April, 2014.

“Although we had been visiting this area forever, we only daydreamed about actually moving our business here,” explains Tim. “We operated a successful Jewelry business in Portland, Tennessee, just out of Nashville, for almost 30 years and had just recently purchased our condo located behind the former Bruno's location when the space became available. This opportunity came out of nowhere and we just went for it.”

The retail space was totally renovated and Tim made sure the new design incorporated glass walls to let clients see him working. “One of the most important aspects of the jewelry business is that of client trust…we had developed that trust in Tennessee and are making sure to do so here,” explains Tim.

Asked to describe how he became interested in the jewelry business, Tim is all smiles….”Back in the late 70’s, Patsy encouraged me to design and make my own jewelry. She had more faith in me than I had in myself, but I learned to cast jewelry from scratch by melting gold. Next thing I know, we’re in the jewelry business full-blown,” laughs Tim. “I met an old Filipino jeweler by the name of Ronguillo who became my mentor.  He was Sooooo good at designing pieces just out of his head and I learned a lot from him.” To this day Tim still wears and uses daily a gold jewelers’ loupe fashioned by Ronguillo.

Specializing in engagement ring design and custom jewelry work, the emphasis of Jewelry of 30A is on reasonably-priced, custom-made pieces. “We love the tourists, but we’re looking forward to building up our local clientele.  In Tennessee, we did absolutely no advertising, relying on word-of-mouth referrals for our client base. Here, we’ve had to change that up a bit, but know each and every happy customer will spread the word,” continues Tim.

Jewelry of 30A is a fully-functioning repair shop and appraisal business utilizing the latest in modification and fabricating technology. In addition to fine jewelry, the shop also carries a significant amount of beach-themed fashion jewelry for casual wear including leather and pearl offerings designed exclusively by Tim….all at very reasonable prices. Other services provided by Jewelry of 30A include ring resizing, total remounts, jewelry modification, watch battery replacement, and necklace/ring repair.

Tim and Patsy keep up with the cutting edge of the jewelry business by traveling routinely to jewelry shows throughout the country. “The jewelry fashion trends start in California and move on from there,” explains Patsy. “Our initial mountings originate with the California designers.”

“Up until last year, we went online every day in Tennessee to view the local beachcams…now we work all day here in our Seagrove jewelry store and do our best to catch the sunset….LIVE!  We’re blessed and appreciate what we have here,”….. all smiles from Tim and Patsy as they welcome another customer into their new shop in paradise.
Jewelry of 30A office hours are M-S, 10-5. Phone: 850-213-3200. Address: Seagrove Plaza, 3723 E. County Hwy. 30A, Suite 4.



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