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Local Teacher Makes Jump Number 1,000 at Skydive Live

August 13, 2013 by SoWal Staff

Local middle school teacher Kim Radford jumped from a plane high above the fields and farms of North Walton County last Saturday. It was no ordinary skydive for Kim. It was jump number 1,000 for her, and many family members and friends waited 10,000 feet below with hugs and smiles.

Kim holds several US records for High Altitude Low Opening (HALO) jumps, which require an oxygen mask and allow for several minutes of free fall. A typical jump, such as the one Saturday, has about a minute of freefall time before chutes open. Kim jumps often at Sky Dive Live, which is within an hours drive of SoWal off Hwy 331 North. The operation offers tandem jumping with no prior experience required.

And you can enjoy the view of a working farm during your skydive – a view from one mile above the Earth. Hay is cut, dried, and baled while honey is “robbed” from five busy bee hives, and prepared for jarring and sale.  

In the top photo from left to right is Kim, Don Cripps, Shae Wynn, and Kim's husband - Jimmy Radford.

Don Cripps will be 84 next month. He had two combat parachute jumps in Korea during the Korean War. He started sport jumping in 1993 and has over 3,500 jumps. He holds three records for skydivers over 70, and one for skydivers over 80. 

Contact Skydive Live for an adventure you'll never forget - 850-460-4621! 


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