Marie's Bistro Caters Events With a Personal Touch

July 7, 2015 by Manny Chavez

Marie’s Bistro is known for its hearty Mediterranean cuisine, but the backbone of the business has always been its catering business. Marie’s At Your Service Catering began in 1984 when Hanie and Marie Nasri opened their first restaurant/catering business in Destin.

Appropriately named Hanie’s, the restaurant was one of only nine restaurants in all of Destin (including McDonald’s and Hardies). They were the only catering business PERIOD at that time. They operated their businesses in Destin until 1995 when they closed the restaurant but continued to cater events.



In 2010, they purchased Blue Orleans Restaurant in Blue Mountain Beach and started Marie’s Bistro with  At Your Service Catering still leading the way. Today, with several expansions to their restaurant, they continue to offer the best in Mediterranean cuisine, and keep busy with catering.

Marie oversees the kitchen with four chefs offering a variety of cuisines. The catering menu lists a variety of dishes including Mediterranean, Southern, Cajun, Middle Eastern, and Tex-Mex flavors. Sushi is also very popular. The menu serves as a starting point with all dishes cooked to order.



“Everything is fresh and made from scratch and a guest can have any item they like cooked any way they like at no extra charge,” says Marie.

Hanie supervises the overall operation, planning the menu and recipes. He is the front man of the house and can be seen gliding from one table to another making sure his customers are happy with their food and the service.

“Our team is very comfortable with each other. We pay attention to every customer. Service is a dying art and when someone is coming in for an enjoyable meal, we don’t rush them. We pamper them during their time with us,” emphasizes Hanie.



South Walton has become a magnet for both individual visitors and corporate functions. Hanie's capable staff can handle anything from a private dinner for two to 500 people. Asked what she thinks sets their catering business apart from the rest, Marie is quick to point out that what they have is definitely a “family affair” with her husband Hanie and her daughter, Virginia, always on site along with herself for catering events.

“If one of us can’t be on site for an event, we won’t take the job,” says Marie.” We are there to make sure everything is done right and take full responsibility for it.”



Of course, the food and meal preparation will make or break an event and Marie’s supervision of the kitchen makes for magical meals.

“We listen to our clients and will make every effort to prepare their meals according to their wishes," says Marie. "You want Vegan, we’ll do it. Want hard-to-find food ingredients or spices, got it. We customize everything. So you want different flavors, want no oils, no onions no problem. We use only fresh ingredients and use nothing frozen. We make our own sauces, breads, pastries….all at very reasonable prices. We pride ourselves on being able to satisfy your taste buds on budget. Making people happy is what we are all about. We are able to ‘bring it’ and change our menu to satisfy.”

Marie and Hanie have been “bringing it” for a long time now and they look forward to the next catering event. Whether their customers are coming in to their Mountain Beach restaurant for lunch or dinner, or attending a group function, their arms are open to welcome you into their happy home.

Visit Marie's Bistro's website for photos, menus, music lineup, holiday menus, and catering information. Located in the center of Blue Mountain Beach on Scenic 30A, Marie Bistro's serves family-style lunch and dinner Tuesday through Sunday, and daily happy hour with drink and appetizer specials (4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.). Sunday brunch is served from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. And don't miss the live music, karaoke and music bingo several nights per week.


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