Out of the Artists' Studio Art Opening at The Hidden Lantern Gallery

May 31, 2013 by SoWal Staff

The Hidden Lantern Gallery announces the opening of Out of the Artists’ Studio, a collection of new work by artists who have been featured from the gallery’s opening in May 2011 through 2012. These nine artists have hand-selected works fresh off the easel to be featured side-by-side in a unique collaboration.

Join us for an Artists Reception June 6 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. at The Hidden Lantern Gallery located at 84 N. Barrett Square in Rosemary Beach. Creations from the following artists shall be on display June 6 through September 29:

Gallery Director, Lauren Carvalho will be featuring new work inspired by her bare tree mural. Using acrylic paint on canvas, Carvalho creates a labyrinth of black trees against the vibrant colors of a sunset, giving the effect of a stain glass window.

DeAnna Backel is a Mississippi-based artist inspired by scenes along 30A. With oils, Backel recreates places known and loved by those who live in and visit the area. With vibrant colors and whimsical brush strokes, she reflects the beauty of plein air painting.

Donnelle Clark is a local acrylic painter who has mastered the art of mixed media on canvas. Clark’s innovative use of materials such as Japanese paper, tissue, sand, burlap and lace create mesmorizing textures. When experiencing Clark’s paintings, the viewer discovers little, fine details. The more details discovered, the deeper the connection becomes between the viewer and the work.

Didon Comer has been a local artist since 1979. The water is her constant companion, situated right outside her beachfront home. Her use of gloss gels and acrylic washes capture the memorizing movement of the ocean’s choppy waters and violent surges.

Atlanta artist James Garrett has been working with Venetian Plaster since the mid-eighties. When visiting our beautiful beaches, Garrett was inspired by the striking colors of the emerald coast. In his works, he achieves the peaceful stillness of the water as it is captured in his highly-glossy medium.

Susan Lucas has lived in Walton County since 1999. She has always loved the area’s natural beauty. In her impressionistic paintings, Lucas portrays the stunning effects of light, color, and movement. Landscapes are her muse. With dramatic brushstrokes, Lucas expresses the connection between herself and her surroundings.

Susan Lucas, Afternoon Light | Acrylic on Canvas

Krista Luter, a Texas-based photographer, who began her career taking portrait photos, but  then became intrigued by the land and sea. In her new works, Luter captures fleeting moments in nature. She invites the viewer into a world that is unseen; deep into the woods with twisting trees, or along tranquil seashores with vast skies.

Kimberly Fox Malone is introducing a new, intriguing series of oil paintings. Malone’s playful birds now perch on stacks of books, bringing the visual and literary arts together. Her use of various objects, such as a pocket watch, a globe, and reading glasses, create instant connections between the viewer and the work.

Laurel Siwicki’s stunning, whimsical sculptures express a certain softness and life only found in nature. Through stationary pieces, she creates the motion of leaves falling and birds taking flight along the wall. Each piece creates it’s own story.

For more information call 850-231-0081 or visit The Hidden Lantern Gallery website

About The Hidden Lantern Gallery
Established in 2010, The Hidden Lantern Gallery is committed to the visibility of local and regional emerging artists. Exhibitions feature works of art in various media, with prominence given to painting and sculpture, but where traditional materials are utilized in unconventional ways. It is the unlimited possibilities inherent in art-making that incite our curiosity and motivate our work. With the creative process at the fore, it is our hope to engage and inspire.


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